“VERY POWERFUL VIBRATION” Meditation Music for Positive Energy l Clearing Subconscious Blockages

Only One Sahaja Yoga Club in Myanmar Holds Weekly Activities

Of different types of Yoga, Sahaja Yoga is one of the easiest approaches to the supreme universal power. This was firstly introduced to the world by Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970. Sri Mataji had tried to look for the truth since she was a child.

Does Meditation Heal Me Naturally?

Does anyone ever try continuous meditation for 3 days? Yes I did. This kind of feeling is beyond descriptions for an urban dweller who are always busy with chaos and had not done meditation before.

Meditation Guide For Beginners

Finding inner happiness is the goal that leads many to seek a meditation guide; a step by step method to learning the art of meditation. It is easier than many would think, and can bring great satisfaction to those who develop the technique.

Flashes of Lightning – Therapy and Meditation

What is often called “meditation” seems incomplete to achieve a final personal liberation from “ordinary human suffering.” Meditation in its radical sense goes beyond its therapeutic benefits. “Learn to concentrate,” “Be relaxed,” “Loosen Stress,” “Be fully alive and present.” All these psychological benefits are wonderful.

Simple Way to Meditate – Tips and Ideas

Meditation is a way of relaxing your mind and body. You can forget for a moment about all the problems. A simple way to meditate can help you feel a lot better. The results are amazing. To succeed this you need to follow a few tips.

Zen Buddhism Practices Include More Than Meditation

There are several different types of Buddhism, but Zen is probably one of the most known around the world. The practice is fundamentally geared around meditation. But Zen Buddhism practices do extend beyond that.

Meditation – The Key to Your Subconscious Mind

We all may start out with positive intentions when setting ourselves goals, or when tackling something rather challenging for ourselves. How many times have you found yourself saying in your mind, “I don’t think this will work”, or “I can’t do this.”

The Reasons People Meditate

There are number of reasons why people choose to meditate. Here are just some of the advantages of meditation.

Meditation and Relaxation For Today’s “On the Go” Mom

Stress is a clear cause of poor communication, broken relationships, and bad temperament… just to name a few. These negative reactions are the very types of attitudes that impede your ability to be an effective mom, wife, career woman, etc. Not only that; stress is a major contributor to various physical, mental, and emotional health problems. The million dollar question then is what can you do to achieve mind relaxation and to learn to relax?

Brain Power – How to Enhance Oxygenation

The brain is no doubt one of the most important organs in the body. In fact, without a well functional brain, you would be referred to as a cabbage. This means that the rest of the body would not be able to function well. The emphasis on brain power development is because of the recognition of the known functions of the brain. The way we think, or behave; the creativity that we have and the memory all depends on the brain.

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