VERY POWERFUL !! Pineal Gland Activation Frequency l Opening Third Eye l Binaural Beats Meditation

What Everyone Needs To Know About Meditation Gongs

Meditation gongs are an exotic and little-understood instrument for some of us in Western culture. This instrument has been in use since ancient times for several different functions. Meditation gongs have an interesting and varied history and are a unique type of instrument.

How to Make Your Gurus Head Spin: Tell Him About Feedback

Mind’s uncontrolled wandering has plagued meditation for centuries. All the while a solution was right before our eyes – a solution so simple it makes your head spin. Explained here is the how to of meditation minus the wandering: the feedback meditation method.

Guide to Meditation: 8 Tips for Inner Peace!

Are you tired of trying to find that calm center? That quiet mind through meditation? But, having no success?

How To Choose Between Between Crystal Singing Bowls and Metal Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are known for their beautiful sound and their usefulness in meditation, relaxation, spirituality, and healing. However, not all singing bowls are created equal and they come in a wide variety of sounds, sizes, and types. When you are looking to buy a singing bowl, the material you choose is one of the first factors to keep in mind. The two main subsets of singing bowls are crystal singing bowls and metal singing bowls and they both have their own unique and special characteristics.

How To Meditate Using Meditation Gongs

Meditation has many benefits including better emotional well-being, stress relief, and deepening your spiritual connection. Meditation gongs or singing bowls are an excellent tool to use in your meditation practice, as their music provides an excellent point of focus. Using gongs or singing bowls for meditation is a simple, easy process.

How To Play A Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are an excellent tool for meditation, relaxation and healing. When played properly, they produce resonant, harmonious sounds that are quite pleasing to the ear. Learning how to play a Tibetan singing bowl requires a few simple steps and takes only a minimal amount of practice to master.

What Is Meditation: Part 1

By the end of this 2 part article series you will have a clear idea of what meditation is, and more importantly some of the subtle mistakes people make when identifying meditation, that means they have their idea of meditation completely backwards. You won’t have to make that mistake. You’ll be firmly grounded in knowledge that 90% of people you know probably won’t have found yet because meditation is still misunderstood and mis-taught by many.

What Is Meditation? Part 2

Meditation is as old as creation, because it is an inherent state in all of creation. It is simple, natural. Although like anything else, it has been through a process of evolution and sometimes de-evolution in the way human beings have realised it.

Learning The Art Of Enlightenment Through Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is able to let you make the most of your life without years of training. The first steps towards bettering yourself can be done in minutes.

Do You Pray or Meditate?

Mindfulness teaches non-attachment, impermanence. For me one of the many benefits of the practice of mindfulness has been non- attachment. What do I mean by that?

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