Breaking Limiting Beliefs

Taking a vacation from our own thoughts can be profoundly centering, stress reducing, relaxing and healing. Just letting go of our fast paced way of life for a week is enough to bring inspiration, healing energy, creativity and peace back into our reality. What can we do to reconnect, rid ourselves of stress and simply allow our natural state to prosper us now if we can’t get away for a week?

The Real Purpose of Meditation

Meditation is a scary word for many people, invoking visions of gurus, lotus positions, and failed attempts to quiet the never-ending thoughts that most of us have. Failing to quiet the mind causes many new meditation practitioners feel that they have failed.

Best Meditation Chairs

First, let’s understand what meditation is, what it really means. Meditation is a mental discipline when a person focuses to get beyond their normal mind and way of thinking into a deeper state of relaxation.

Meditation For Business Success

Does Meditation work to create success in Business? How to Use Meditation to create a successful business.

How to Do Active Meditation

Active Meditation is a term which refers to various meditation techniques, which have been proposed by Osho. All Active Meditation techniques include an initial stage of activity, which may at times be intensely physical and followed by a session of silence. Osho used to say that meditation is a science.

Art of Zen Meditation

There are hundreds of meditation techniques established by hundreds of civilization which dwelled across the globe, which only thought of one ultimate goal; to achieve salvation and understand the infinite intelligence. One such meditation fabricated by Buddhists is Zen meditation. This form of meditation was first practiced in school of Mahayana Buddhism. To which Chinese refer as Chan. People say this word was derived from Sanskrit Dhyana, all of which mean only one thing; “meditation”….

Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation is rooted in Eastern culture and has been practiced for thousands of years by different cultures throughout the world. The term meditation encompasses a wide variety of techniques and practices, including mindful meditation, transcendental meditation, and guided meditation.

What is Meditation?

We all know that meditation can be a huge help to us as we learn how to increase happiness, decrease stress, connect more fully to ourselves and loved ones and find a sense of peacefulness in this crazy world of ours. The tricky thing is, if you are like most people I know, you have heard hundreds, maybe even thousands of interpretations as to what Meditation is “supposed” to be. This article will discuss what meditation is and how we can easily use it to help us improve the quality of our lives.

Meditation – A Waste of Time?

There are many benefits associated with long term meditation practice. However, you need to devote 6 to 8 hours per day for 20 to 25 years to become “enlightened.” Scientific research coupled with modern technology now provides us with quicker, easier ways to achieve the same results.

Sexual Energy Grounding Exercise

Grounding is a very effective process for calming and stabilizing. Grounding connects you with the earth, carrying overpowering negative energies down and away much like a lightning rod. There are many methods for grounding.

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