What is a Meditation Guide and Do I Really Need One to Learn How to Meditate?

Since meditation is done by sitting quietly and thinking or not thinking, do you need a guide to teach you that? What is the difference between a meditation guide and teacher? How do you learn to meditate?

How Binaural Beats Meditation Can Help You Relax

If you are thinking about trying meditation or looking for a new technique, then binaural beats meditation might be the right choice for you. Goodness knows it is difficult to find a technique that really resonates with you and works for what you need.

Using Law of Attraction Meditation Techniques

If you have ever wanted to do all that you can to get want you want, then law of attraction meditation might be the perfect thing for you. If you have never heard of this type of meditation, that is all right as well.

Use a Meditation Program to Achieve Deep States of Meditation

Mastering the art (or science if you please) of meditation has many benefits for the user. To achieve the deep states however it might be good to make use of a meditation program.

The Amazing Diversity of Meditation Groups in the Studio City – Los Angeles Area

If you are looking for a meditation group in Los Angeles or Studio City you are in luck. There is an amazing diversity among the many meditation groups in this area.

How to Find a Good Meditation Guide

The benefits of finding a good meditation guide are outlined here as well as how to find a guide. Based on my experiences in Studio City California, but they may apply to many other cities as well.

The Fourth Chakra

This is a brief introduction to the Fourth Chakra also known as the heart chakra. The Fourth Chakra is also known as the “Heart Chakra”. This chakra is the guiding force for the previous three chakras. It helps the first chakra merge the physical with the divine. The sexual energy of the second chakra is transformed into loving light and the raw energy of the third chakra is converted for higher spiritual purpose of life.

Binaural Beats For Quick and Easy Meditation

There are numerous benefits to regular meditation, including reduced stress levels, increased focus, enhanced creativity, improved memory, and a sense of peace and well being. However, learning to achieve a meditative state sufficient to maximize these benefits can take months and even years of practice. Fortunately, there is a technology known as binaural beats that can provide a shortcut, as we will see below.

CET Advances – Directed Meditation

Meditation has become extremely popular over the last several years. We take a look at the exciting theories behind CET therapies.

Meditation in Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhist meditation has a long history. Buddhism was a branch of Hinduism and so meditation was practiced in Hinduism before it was practiced in Buddhism. Buddhist thought is that there are three things one must accomplish before enlightenment.

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