Using Binaural Beat MP3s to Meditate

Meditation allows us to refresh our body and mind, but it takes time to learn and practice. Technology has produced binaural beats on mp3s that can allow us to reach meditative states more easily and in less time.

Three Tips on How to Deepen Your Relaxation and Healing

Some people think that they need to relax very deeply in order to have the healing results they’d like. You don’t have to relax deeply in order to get results, unless you’re going to have dental work or brain surgery, as you can have healing happen no matter how deeply you relax – just as long as you have the intention and the faith that it will happen. Though not everyone cares about the depth of their relaxation, and not everyone has the knack of going very deeply into relaxation, some people want to relax out into the “ozone layer.” Here are some tips for not only deepening your relaxation, but for creating more effective healing processes as well.

Some Thoughts on Learning Meditation Today

People have been practicing meditation for centuries. To a certain degree, they’ve been practicing it since the dawn of civilization: consider: prayer is little but meditation, a concentrated series of thought sent to some Higher Power.

Patanjali Yoga – Secrets of Meditation

Meditation is a part of the yogic tradition of India. It is a union of body, mind, soul, spirit and environment. This union is possible through meditation, as described by the sage Patanjali many years ago. According to Patanjali, yoga is the progressive settling down of the mind, into the field of pure silence.

How to Deepen Your Meditation Practice by Eating the Right Foods & Which Foods to Avoid

If you are reading this you probably meditate. Meditation is important to you, or you wouldn’t be devoting the time and discipline to it that you do. You need to know how to get the most from your efforts. Or perhaps you are just beginning to explore meditation. In either case there are things you should know about food and how it impacts your efforts at meditation. There are foods that help and foods that don’t. When it comes to meditating we want all the help we can get.

Getting Your Meditation Practice Started

It has been said that if prayer is talking with our preferred higher power, then meditation is listening to what that higher power has to tell us, in some way getting the answers to our prayers. To hear these answers, we need to get ourselves into a state of awareness where we’re connected with our inner thoughts and feelings. This article will describe some simple ways to set up your own meditation practice.

Meditation – An Inexpensive Vacation

Picture this. You’re lying on a sandy beach with the sun warming you and your favorite beverage close at hand. For music, you have the gentle sound of the waves washing up on the beach and a light breeze blowing through the sea grass. You’re so relaxed that you can’t quite make yourself think about the crisis you left behind at work yesterday or what you’ll be dealing with on your return. Life for you is just you on this tranquil beach — right now at this present moment.

Relaxation – A Step Toward Better Health

Don’t think you have to be an expert at meditation. Don’t think you need a lot of time. Just take a few minutes to be with yourself. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. And then just think pleasant thoughts. Don’t try too hard. You can’t force relaxation. Don’t worry about getting rid of thoughts that come that you don’t want. Notice them, and then let them go. If it helps, you can picture a gentle stream or babbling brook. You can see the thoughts that come to your mind as leaves floating on the water, or little white paper boats sailing by. Let the thoughts go from your mind as the leaves or boats go from the stream.

Guided Meditations – Why They Inspire Us and How to Choose the Best One For You

This article discusses how and why meditation inspires us by bringing our spirit self forward. Guided meditations are particularly effective for those who find it difficult to meditate in silence or use techniques that promote an “emptying the mind”. The act of meditation literally changes our brainwave patterns. We are able to reach a place of being “between awake and asleep” that we normally experience when we first awaken from sleep. Included are recommendations for finding the best guided meditation for you.

Meditation – Calmness of Mind

So you know what happens next right? Forgetting that I was mid procrastination, I started to think about why we would think about meditation as a treasure in our lives. It didn’t really take me very long to come up with quite a sizable list. I only had to look at my week and see the number of tasks, people, problems needing solutions and distances needing to be traveled to see that my need for a calm and tranquil space should be very high on my list of priorities.

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