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You Don’t Have to Be a Zen Master to Achieve Relaxing Meditation

Almost two-thirds of all Americans have stress levels that are causing them to have health, emotional, or occupational issues. Meditation is a simple way to quickly reduce stress levels and become more relaxed. Just 10 minutes a day of meditation can really improve your life.

Meditation – Blazing the Trail of Equipoise in All Areas of Your Life

Have you ever noticed how some days your are so much more effective than others, even when you feel you are focusing on what you want and not what you don’t want? Even if you are a student of mega-manifestation and the law of attraction, if you have trouble being present, how effective can you really be in your work, relationships, family, and recreational life? I’ve noticed that the results in my life depend on the equipoise I exhibit in all areas of it.

Three Ways Kundalini Yoga Can Bring Prosperity Into Your Life!

First, we use the long deep breathing exercises to calm and relax the mind. One nostril breathing is a great way to center your brain. Cover your right nostril with your thumb and begin taking long deep breaths out of the left nostril.

Learn to Meditate Today

So you want to learn to meditate? We hear about meditation in the news, read about it on the internet, and some of us may even have a friend or two that do it themselves. Nowadays, the stress is so overwhelming in so many people’s lives that they are going back to a centuries old practice that is meditation. Meditation is not a religion nor a culture. Though it is practiced by Buddhists, you do not have to be a Buddhist to meditate.

Making the Connection

A long time ago, someone told me that prayer is when we talk to God, and meditation is when we listen to Him. Unfortunately, I do more talking than I do listening, and perhaps this is why I have troubles and calamities in my life. Perhaps if I would allow myself to be still, quiet, and listen to the inner prompting of my spirit, my life would be less chaotic and stressful.

Learn How to Meditate and Relax

In the face paced life of today it is good to take time out and relax. Many people find this quite difficult and as a result turn to meditation to help them. Here for anyone who would like to meditate are some simple steps for anyone to learn how to meditate.

Can Meditation Protect You From the Swine Flu?

How on earth can meditation possibly protect you from the Swine flu? Is this New Age nonsense or hard science? Read on for the answer to this enigma!

Discover Four Different Meditation Positions

Meditation has been practiced since ancient times for the advantages it brings. Incorporating meditation into your daily life can have a dramatic affect on your peace of mind and attitude toward life. There are as many forms and techniques of meditation with many different postures or positions that you can take during your practice.

Binaural Beats – What They Are, How They Work & What They Can Do For You

It was proposed that a binaural beat occurs in the brain if you apply slightly different frequency sine waves independently but simultaneously to each ear. This beat affect is created by the brain itself and is largely due to the structure of the brain’s internal wiring. These binaural beats are auditory brain stem responses, originating in the superior olivary nucleus of each hemisphere of the brain due to the interaction of the two different impulses.

Your Child Can Learn How to Meditate

Meditation is an important practice for children as well as adults. It is not difficult to teach your child to meditate, and this article gives you a simple method to begin the practice with your child.

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