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What Is Meditation? Living in the Now

Meditation has been around for almost as long as human history. I believe that at its core, meditation is a technique that helps us quiet our minds.

How To Meditate: Keys to Successful Meditation

There are many, many ways to meditate. Because meditation has been around for so long, there are many different forms of mediation taught.

Nonduality: How to Attain Oneness

Would you like to attain oneness? Read on to learn how to directly experience nonduality and how to be free from separation in meditation.

Meditations Help Relieve Stress

Meditation has been used throughout the centuries to calm the nerves and relieve stress and anxiety. Meditation been used as a major factor in many different religions, from the Mayens, the Inca’s, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Determining the Best Type of Meditation for You

When you are first starting out meditating, it is confusing where to start. This article discusses the various categories of meditation, in the hopes it will help some narrow down where they want to start.

Women Meditation Tips – To Ohm-M Or Not Ohm-M?

To let the sound of ‘Ohm-mm’ vibrate through your voice repeatedly is thought by some to help with being in tune with the universe. This is one of the ways to help clear the mind in order to meditate more effectively.

Women Meditation Tips – Sleep Well Sunday Nights

Loss of sleep Sunday night (the most frequent night for sleep loss) can make you feel miserable not only during the night, but also for the entire next day. This is especially true when traditional things you have tried-such as counting sheep, swallowing a sip or two of wine, taking a warm bath, drinking warm milk, etc-did not help.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Can Deal With Discomfort

Having an inflammation can induce plenty of discomfort in the body. Swelling plus a burning sensation is what most people are experiencing with the advent of inflammation. People who have arthritis and rheumatism are at risk of inflammation especially in the joints. They are unable to work properly as well as walk easily with the pain swelling up. So, how can people eliminate if not minimize the inflammation in the body?

Ancient Meditation Techniques

The idea of ancient meditation techniques (or ancient techniques of any variety) can be summed up as: “If is has been around this long, it must be good!” I have another reason for enjoying ancient practices, and I encourage you to notice it in your practice as well. When you practice ancient techniques, you can step into a sense of timelessness!

Why Everyone Should Try Meditation

How many times have you laid awake on a Friday night wondering what time your son will be home and if he is OK? Or have you ever woken up, frazzled and frantic as you gaze at the clock as you realise you have overslept and there is no way, you will get your children up and ready for school and get to work on time?

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