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12 Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice and How They Improve Your Life

Regular meditation can give you the strength to live life in a happier and healthier manner. Discover here 12 benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Meditation – Present Moment Awareness

Meditation can mean many different things. The common meaning of the word refers to sitting still for a period of time every day and becoming relaxed yet aware, usually by focusing the attention on sometimes such as the breath or the sound of a mantra (repeated word).

I Can’t Meditate! What’s Wrong With Me?

So you’ve recently tried meditation for the first time, or you have been meditating for a while, and you’ve come to the conclusion that you are simply unable to meditate. For whatever reason, you just feel it isn’t work for you. What can be done? Well, let’s address this…

Walking and Meditation

Meditation Walking is defined as a method of walking and meditating at the same time and you may also hear it referred to as: Contemplative or Spiritual Walking Practices, Labyrinth Walking, Pilgrimages, Quests. Many churches and spiritual groups organize meditation walking for members of their congregation/group. Often they provide an opportunity for complete silence during the walks even if you are walking in a group.

How Meditation Helps Your Daily Life

Meditation is advertised as a solution to all kind of problems, learn how meditation helps your daily life and why start a meditation practice is a good decision. Some problems like stress, anxiety, insomnia are a direct effect of how we live our life, specially now where a fast paced society is directing our lifestyles.

8 Tips to Have a Successful Daily Meditation Habit

One of the hardest aspects about meditation is stablishing a daily meditation practice, investigate about some not well known advice that will transform your meditation in a more enjoyable experience so you become better on your daily meditation routine. Read more…

Top 3 Benefits of Using Guided Meditations

Using Guided Meditations is the easiest way for you to begin a meditation practice or to continue a regular meditation practice. Guided Meditations come in different formats, audio and video, and are meant to help you in a huge range of issues. You can find a guided meditation in any subject ranging from decreasing anxiety all the way through to cosmic energy meditation.

Revealed – How to Enhance Your Meditation

So many people across the world over the last few thousand years have gained huge benefits from meditation. From a deeper spiritual awareness to better health, the list of advantages are enormous!

Christian Meditation Technique – Part 1

The term “Christian meditation” has taken on some unnecessary connotations over the past few decades. Hearing that phrase, many would-be meditators have come to believe that there is only one proper way for a good, faithful Christian to meditate (if that person is fairly well read, they might be open to two ways).

Today’s Meditation Session – A Healthy Habit Overall

Meditation is said to be the most powerful mental tonic. The so called “holy vibrations” penetrate all the cells in the body and has claimed to cure many various diseases that humans seem to contract. Regular meditation opens up the avenues of intuitional knowledge, makes the mind calm and steady which awakens an ecstatic feeling bringing the healthy habit seeker in contact with their inner light.

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