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Can Your Thoughts Make You Fat? – Try Meditation to Lose Weight

The hardest part about dieting and trying to lose weight is constantly thinking about food! If you’re on a diet program like Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, etc., it’s all that consumes your brain – what am I going to eat today? How many calories have I eaten, points, shares, protein, carbs, the thoughts go on.

Try a Standing Meditation For Stress Relief

Standing Meditation is a type of meditation with many benefits. It relieves stress, exercises the body and clears blocked energy. AND – standing still is good exercise. Standing meditation is a tai chi technique that focuses your mind, relaxes tension, and cleanses your entire body. Our unbalanced and sometimes unhealthy lifestyles cause the internal energy flow in our bodies to become blocked.

Meditation – Think of it As a Noise Filter

I just took a trip to Dallas. Sitting in the airport, I was amazed at the amount of pure noise going on around me. The windows were vibrating as the loud sounds of the jet engines still managed to pierce their way through the glass. That sound was to be expected. It’s funny how your brain acts as a natural noise filter when there are sounds that you are expecting, like jet engines at an airport. It was the additional noise, however, that was amazing to me.

Meditate and See Clearly

You wouldn’t drive down the highway with your windshield covered in dirt. For one, if you couldn’t see, you could hit something. And two, you wouldn’t know what direction you were going because you couldn’t read any signs. Not being able to see would be stressful! Not meditating is like having a dirty windshield.

Why Would You Use a Meditation Chair?

Do you really need to spend money on a special meditation chair? Continue reading to discover why meditation experts believe it’s a valuable investment to make.

The Third Chakra

This is your basic introduction to Seven Kundalini chakras. The Third Chakra is also called the “Power Chakra”. Third chakra is located between the navel and the solar plexus. According to ancient Hindu scriptures this chakra generates the fire in the human belly, in other words it is the source of raw physical energy. This energy finds its out let in human emotions.

Timely Meditation CD Tips

Have you ever thought of the possibility of controlling your mind through mere beats and sounds? That is the magic of physics, and there are many meditation CDs available in the market today to help with this. And most of them are soothing to the ear and calming to the soul.

Christian Meditation – God’s Gift For Healthy Sleep

We all want restful sleep, a healthy body and joyful energy. The question for many is-HOW? Most of us experience insomnia occasionally, but for many, lack of sleep has become a painful way of life.

Is New Age Meditation For You?

Meditation is a process undertaken to clear the mind, to quiet thought. Is New Age Meditation For You? Those who successfully engage this process report that a clear mind, quiet of thought, results in a uniquely pleasing mental, emotional and physical state.

Believe – Everyone CAN Meditate

Meditation is a great way to connect your body, mind, and soul to create the balance in life. It is common to have difficulties trying to concentrate during meditation as enormous research on the topic leads to information overload. Keep things SIMPLE and you will find meditation effortless.

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