What is Meditation? Explaining the Mystical Arts of Our Past

What is meditation, you asked? Well, simply put, meditation is said to be a three step process that involves the mind in its normal state, concentration and finally meditation. Our mind in its ‘normal state’ is actually abnormal. Even though we may feel in control, we react to received stimuli with emotional and physical reactions we have little control over.

Easy Meditation Techniques For You to Enjoy

There are some easy meditation techniques that anyone can learn. To understand these techniques you should have a basic awareness of what meditation is. Meditation is the process whereby we still the mind in order to find our true self, and this results in relief from stress and a more peaceful existence. There is a huge variety of easy meditation techniques that one can choose from. One of these easy meditation techniques is called the ‘here and now’ meditation.

Simple Meditation Techniques You Can Use at Home

Vast amounts of experience is also not necessary to perform some of the simple meditation techniques. Take note, though, that ‘simple’ may be relative to the person that is applying the technique. What may come easily to you, may be found more difficult by others. Explore as many simple meditation techniques as you can in order to establish which ones work well for you.

How to Meditate – Learn How to Meditate to Enjoy It’s Great Benefits!

It is often recommended that one should start off in a group session with an experienced instructor to help familiarize oneself with the process of meditation. It is quite possible, though, to find out how to meditate on your own and there are also many wonderful meditation classes that one could attend. It all depends on your personality.

Benefits of Meditation – Learn All About the Benefits of Meditation

The primary benefit of meditation would be relaxation. This in itself is worth the effort to learn meditation. If one only focuses on their breathing techniques, it will already help to alleviate stress related symptoms. However, there are many more benefits of meditation extremely worthwhile to our healthy and peaceful existence.

Learn to Meditate – Techniques For Meditation

You may not realize it, but meditation is an art. In fact, it’s an art that puts all of the focus towards concentration. So many people go about meditation, but they rarely understand just what meditation is and how to go about do it.

Diamond Meditation

If possible, a true clear and colourless diamond gemstone or ring is used as a material focus for meditation in order to observe its characteristics and its ability to channel natural light and reflect it through the full range of the colour spectrum. The flashes of pure colour are a measure of its quality. We can also meditate using only our imagination if a gem is not available.

In Defence of Mantra

I decided to write this article in defense of mantra as response to an article I read that said, that there is no difference between having the words of a pop song going round and round in your head and repeating a Sanskrit mantra. Here is why I think there is a big, big difference.

Overcoming Objections to Meditation

This article addresses the three primary objections to meditation, Religion, time and it’s boring. The great thing about meditation is that our philosophical or religious belief are not important.

How to Do Walking Meditation

Walking meditation as a practice comes from the Buddhist tradition, specifically Theravada Buddhism. It is a very helpful practice if you find it difficult to sit still without physical discomfort while meditating. It can also be rotated with sitting practice, for example 15 minutes sitting practice 15 minutes walking meditation.

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