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How Breathing Meditation Affects Health

Most meditation practices focus to some extent on the breath. Research has shown that focusing the mind on breathing not only leads to calmness and clarity of thought, it also has positive physical health benefits.

Should You Meditate? Discover My Top 5 Reasons Why You Should!

Meditation is something that has been practiced for thousands of years. In this article I am going to give you some of the benefits of meditation, so you can decide for yourself if you would like to start.

How Can Christian Meditation Guide You Into the Secret Place of the Most High God?

Have you ever wondered how some believers manage to dwell in the presence of, in that secret place of, the most High God? Let’s take a look at the abundant power that is available when we meditate on the living Word of God!

Meditate With Timsha Bells and Focus Your Mind With Their Pure Sound

The Dhama Timsha Bell set will focus your mind for the perfect state of meditation, and also serve as wonderful everyday chimes and bells. Used by Buddhist monks and in Shamanistic traditions, these beautiful bells produce a lasting clear tone when struck together at the edge. Learn more about these wonderful meditation instruments, and how you can obtain your very own set.

Healing Meditation – Day Three

Sit in your favorite, comfortable position and think of the next twenty minutes as something incredibly valuable you are gifting yourself with. Close your eyes and start your breathing. See if you can do fifteen breaths today.

Meditation – A Simple Practice For Mental Focus

Does your mind race in several directions so you don’t know if you are coming or going? In our fast-paced world, it is easy to run for days without taking the time to breathe or check in with our self. Meditation is one way to calm the mind, and return to your self and sanity. If you can breathe, you can meditate.

Healing Meditation – Day Two

Sit in your usual comfortable position. Make sure you have at least ten minutes of undisturbed, alone time. Close your eyes and take a long deep breath, from your belly, filling up your lungs, to the count of five.

Healing Meditation – Day One

A ten minutes meditation, every day is enough to set you off on a good start. Why not use this time to do a quick healing on yourself by giving up those beliefs and programs that no longer serve you and trading them with affirmation that make you feel good?

Top 3 Meditation Techniques For Teens to Relieve Stress

Teenagers are at increased risk of developing stress. If you are an adult, you may still remember how confusing teenage life was. This transition from childhood to adulthood can be difficult and confusing. Teenagers have to deal with school, family, peer pressure, academics and extra-curricular activities, and many more. Striking the balance among all of these can cause a lot of stress.

How Meditation Can Help Men to Relieve Stress

Years ago, meditation was considered an activity done to deepen one’s understanding of the sacred or religious aspects of life. But these days, more and more people meditate to relieve stress and anxiety. Meditation stress for men is very effective. In fact, this is one of the reasons why yoga has become very popular nowadays. People are loving the benefits of yoga because it mixes meditation and exercise. It relaxes the mind and the body.

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