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What is Meditation?

What is meditation? Is it about sitting cross-legged and chanting? Or is it as simple as taking a breath? Both are correct. There are many forms of meditation and anything that helps a person relax and focus could be considered meditation.

Six Tips For Improving Your Meditation

Meditation is a very important practice that most people overlook. By meditating regularly, you will improve many areas of your life that I will explain later in this article.

Deep Zen Meditation – Does it Cure?

Deep Zen Meditation as a cure, or a cure all for what ales the body is probably not a good idea. So why take the time to meditate? Why has meditation been around for thousands of years?

How To – A Quick Meditation Pick-Me-Up

A quickie meditation to balance and recharge your soul! Find a comfortable place to sit – I prefer my ergonomic typing chair.

Calm Your Mind

When life becomes hectic and nerve-racking, and you are besieged by the events that are happening around you, your mind seems to be exploding with incessant thoughts. You are hounded by confusion, frustration, dissatisfaction, insecurity, anger, and uncertainty.

Why Meditation Creates Spiritual Wisdom

People associate meditation with calm, peace and tranquility. What we don’t, however, associate it with is pain. The spiritual wisdom gained through meditation is, nevertheless, all about pain – deep emotional pain.

Does Meditation Help To Get Motivated?

Meditation has become a very general term for some people. It could just mean someone wants to be alone, or sit quietly, think about something, or just relax. Professional meditators have fixed rules and routines regarding their specific type of meditation. The one common element with them is the length of time it takes to learn how to meditate correctly, usually many years.

Instant Deep Meditation – Experience the Lazy Way to Meditate For Free!

The states of consciousness you can easily achieve with brain entrainment, even as a complete novice, are actually much deeper than the brainwave states that very experienced meditators can achieve without this technology! Even after years and years of meditation practice! Simply put, brainwave entrainment represents a revolution not only in meditation, but also in personal, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

The Benefits of Theta Brainwaves – What Theta Meditation Can Do For You

Are you aware of the large range of benefits that tapping into the theta brainwave state can bring you? If not, read on, because this is something that’s well worth taking advantage of!

How Does Christian Meditation Compare to Other Forms of Meditation?

What are the key differences between Christian meditation and traditional meditation? How does meditation on the living Word of God affect the lives of Christian believers?

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