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3 Simplest Meditation Techniques – Mindfulness, Breathing & Guided Meditation

Meditation has been known to relieve stress and tension and promote well-being. Regular meditation helps one cope with everyday pressures without falling victim to them. There are many techniques that help you get in touch with your inner self and bring relaxation to mind and body. Some of the simplest meditation techniques are mindfulness meditation, breathing and guided meditation.

Christian Meditation – Is God Pleased When I Pray and Meditate?

Christian meditation and prayer are meant to be a way of life for all believers. Does it also please God? Yes, and a look at several key areas show us that meditation also brings blessings into the life of the believer!

How to Start Meditating at Home

Meditation is an activity that asks the practitioner to put their body and mind into a relaxed and focused state. People that meditate regularly report increased awareness of their feelings, thoughts and emotions, a stronger focus and concentration, as well as increased happiness and positivity. Meditation is most commonly associated with East-Asian philosophy and religion.

Top 10 Reasons For Using a Guided Meditation CD

Have you ever used a guided meditation CD or DVD? A guided meditation CD or DVD is a tool used in meditation. It is a very popular tool especially for those that are beginners to meditation. It helps you by guiding your attention to specific thoughts and feelings…

The Benefits of Meditation – A Discussion

Stress Reduction. The most obvious benefit as I mentioned earlier is that meditation reduces stress. It speaks for itself in that we are taking out a little bit of time to spend on our own and for ourselves without worrying about what other people want from us. Meditation also requires you to slow down your breathing causing your body to enter a physiological state of relaxation.

How to Meditate For Beginners in 3 Easy Steps

This is an easy meditation technique which you can do whenever you get a few minutes to relax and calm your mind. This technique is ideal for beginners just learning how to meditate. And there’s no need to sit on the floor and tie your legs into a painful knot.

Marking Your Mindful Meditations by the Moon – No Barking Allowed!

Make no mistake, the moon makes a difference in your meditations. You can improve a lot by just marking the moon phases that make the most out of your meditation and repeat the process. Be creative and you can apply what you learn to just about anything. That is marking your mindful meditations by the moon phases and making the most out of it.

Meditation and Anxiety – A Match Made in Heaven

How do you experience anxiety? Are you experiencing any right now? At its most basic, meditation helps by getting us to be still long enough to calm down. Once we are calm, we often can think more clearly, gain a healthier perspective on whatever we were worried about and see potential solutions we were too anxious to see before. Guided imagery and healing visualization offer a way to bypass the normal roadblocks that keep people from accessing the parts of themselves that most need healing.

Meditation and Buddhism – An Introduction to How Buddhism Relates With Meditation

Meditation is the self-employed practice of relaxing the body and calming the mind by reflecting deeply on a subject. Some of its core health benefits are that maintains ideal blood pressure, and relives stress and tension. Buddhists meditate using different kinds of meditation techniques to develop mindfulness and concentration that transform their quality of life.

Info on How to Learn Meditation

Many people wish to have more peace in their lives. They seek calmness and want a way to undo all the frustrations and challenges that occurred during their day. A lot of people turn to meditating to do this. The following describes a few ways that can help anyone learn meditation.

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