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5 Important Keys to a Successful Meditation Practice

Are you stressing over your meditation practice? Shouldn’t meditation itself be stress reducing? Here are ‘Five Keys’ that may assist you with your meditation practice for better success.

A Clear and Present Mind – Meditation and Flow

Normal lives and repetitive and mundane. Normal people only rarely experience “peak performance” moments – when something so “out of the ordinary” happens them that it demands them to pay more than a normal amount of attention. Psychologists call that “flow”. But we can choose to be in “flow”. We can choose, ourselves, to pay an abnormal amount of attention to the present moment and, in doing so, begin to live and abnormally successful life.

A 10 Step Routine For Daily Meditation

Are you looking for a routine to help you maintain your daily meditation practice? Whether you’re just starting, experimenting with different ways, or just looking for a variation of your own, here’s one daily practice you may want to try for a week.

10 Favorable Reasons to Join a Meditation Group

With these ten reasons as encouragement to join a meditation group, you just may feel comfortable and get out there. Besides, how often do you get a chance to go to a meeting, sit around, close your eyes, and do nothing without getting in trouble?

Meditation – Spiritual Attributes Or Spiritual Energy Channels

Some people may contend that there are many more methods of meditation other than Silent, Guided, Sound, or Chanting. And they may add that there is jogging meditation, walking meditation, gardening meditation, eating meditation, painting meditation, and even driving meditation. But are these really meditation methods? Or do they fall into the ‘awareness or mindfulness’ category? You decide…

Stressed Out? Then Learn How to Meditate

When first choosing to learn how to meditate you need to realize that to achieve the full effect, you’ll need to practice everyday. It is not so much the amount that you meditate each day; it’s the quality of your meditation.

How to Meditate Deeply For Better Health

The art of meditation is pretty complex and you must be wondering how I am going to teach you how to meditate deeply one article. Let me be quite frank with you it is not possible to learn and master meditation that easily.

Meditation Techniques For Beginners – Watching the Breath

One of the simplest ways to begin learning meditation is to watch your breath. This meditation technique is perfect for beginners because it is natural, easy, and can be done anywhere and anytime. Begin by paying attention to the breath as it leaves and enters your lungs.

Meditation – 4 Most Frequently Used Methods

Meditation methods are as varied as are people who practice them. These methods may vary in their intensity from total silence to group chanting. There are several methods of meditation for several reasons, and it is a known fact that meditation is not a ‘one size fits all’.

Meditation – 5 Very Basic Types

Does the word meditation mean prayer or worship? Where does the word meditation come from and what’s the purpose? There are several types of meditation for different purposes, here are just 5 basic types. You may even see that some meditation practices do overlap.

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