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How Alpha Brainwave Meditation Can Keep You From Becoming Stupid

There is a natural loss of creative intelligence as we grow older from childhood and into adults. This loss can be regained with regular alpha brainwave meditation. While meditation can be difficult to master, it can be made easier and quicker with binaural beats recordings.

Meditation For Now

Meditating is an unexpected solution to the stresses and complications of life. Many have found and continue to find the age-old art and discipline more than a solution. It is becoming the new health club craze of the millennium. The benefits are being given new credence and are the subject of studies finding unexpected positive results, even if practiced for short periods of time…

Three Easy Meditation Techniques

Meditation is an excellent way to relax and to allow the stress from the day to flow from your body. It doesn’t have to include long periods of sitting in the dark, with your eyes closed. On the contrary, meditation can be as simple as taking ten deep breaths, on your way home from work. Finding the techniques that work best for you are critical to the success of your relaxation program.

7 Common Meditation Obstacles and How to Get Rid of Them

Most of us get overwhelm trying to practice, improve and get better in our meditation practice. Let’s see 7 common meditation obstacles people have when practicing meditation and how to avoid them.

What Are the Benefits of Meditation and Why Start Practicing It?

Meditation is a practice that enhance all the aspects of your life. Discover the benefits of meditation and how you can get them. Meditation is a tool that can help you to become the better person that you want to be.

Helena Blavatsky – A Short Biography in Spiritual Adventures

Madame Blavatsky was not born clairvoyant, telepathic or otherwise special. She learned the gifts from her teachers. Although it was said she was chosen to bring their message to the world, the abilities came from years of training and a thirst for knowledge of the spirit and mental abilities available to all humans. She lived as a citizen of the world and this was reflected by her cremation and the division of her ashes. A third went to her native land, Russia, a third remained in America and finally the last third went her home in India.

A Powerful Relaxation Technique Anyone Can Use

We can create our own inner retreat in our mind’s and body’s with powerful relaxation techniques that have existed for centuries. Yes, people thousands of years ago in the big cities of Rome, Cairo and Hong Kong had stress to. How did they deal with it? They practiced relaxation techniques such as meditation.

Enjoy Full Relaxation of the Mind With Breathing Meditation Exercises

Breathing meditation exercises are performed to bring a state of tranquility of mind so that you are able to perfection the meditation process. A calm and relaxed breathing is the first step to the process of attainment of a concentrated mind. A natural placid nature of breathing creates the pathway for the individual to concentrate for meditation.

Why People Meditate? – Learn the Motivations For Doing It

Different things motivate different people, let’s see some of the most common reasons to start a meditation practice. Some reasons why people meditate that can give you inspiration to start a meditation practice.

Three Magical Rituals Before Breakfast

Magic is part of life, not something you do separate from your everyday life. That’s why I do three magic rituals every day before breakfast. Discover how to integrate magic into your daily life.

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