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What is an Automatic Pill Dispenser

Many older people tend to have medications that go on during the rest of their lives. This is because they have long term diseases that forces them to use these drugs to prevent them from advancing. These include hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis and others, and at worst they might be taking up to ten tablets per day.

Meditation and Brainwave Entrainment Technology

In this article I compare the method and effects of meditation and brainwave entrainment technology (BET). Although BET is often marketed as meditation, by definition, it is not. While they have some similar effects the differences are crucial. It’s important to understand what each does, so you can choose how to use each in your life.

Insight Meditation Can Help You to Cope With Life Stresses

Insight meditation is just what it says it is. While you meditate, you will gain some valuable insights into your own self. It is these insights that allow you to take control of your stress levels.

Guided Meditation Teaches You to Do More Than Just Relax

Guided meditation can help you to reach a relaxed state, but it can also do so much more. It can help you to focus your inner healing power and in effect you will heal yourself with the power of your mind.

Hippy Nonsense? Or is Meditation Good For Your Health?

The act of meditating is one of those rare things that does not require any type of special equipment or clothes in order to be done properly. All you need is a few minutes of time and enough room to sit (or stand) by yourself and concentrate.

Frequently Asked Meditation Questions

First, it is common to experience back pain when you initially sit in an upright, posture without back support. This is because of chronic tension along the spine, spinal misalignment, and weak spinal muscles. My suggestion is to sit forward in an unsupported posture for a minute or two and then move back in your seat against the seat back for the remainder of your meditation time. Gradually expand the time that you sit forward without back support.

Improve Your Meditation With a Meditation Chair

Meditation chairs are designed to make meditation more comfortable by promoting good posture and providing back support. Many people struggle with holding correct posture, stress from sitting in some meditation poses and back pain all of which take away from the wellness and monastic benefits we hope to achieve.

Learn How to Meditate – A Beginning Form

Learn how to Meditate by breathing correctly and holding your attention at the Ajna Center. Everyone has an Ajna center (the 6th Chakra) but not everyone has an active 3rd eye. (Yes there is a distinction).

Yoga and Meditation

This article covers one of the 5 principles of yoga. you can change your life in a more positive, healthier direction.

How to Relax & Relieve Stress With Simple Meditation at Home

For most of us who live in the city, the daily schedule might seem full of never ending tasks that we hardly catch up with. The stress at work, daily shores at home, and then having to take care of kids…Without leaving some space for relaxation it might just get overly exhausting and overwhelming at times.

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