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Tibetan Buddhist Meditation System

The Tibetan Buddhist meditation system has been used extensively as a subject of scientific study. Studies show that it is possible to affect both mental and neuro-physiological transformation merely by the therapeutic use of attention.

Meditation and Inhibition

Meditation is an often misunderstood practice with several variations that are taught by many different religions. It often is described in terms of calm-abiding (i.e. a quieting of the mind) or analytical (i.e. focused on a particular concept such as compassion). The unifying concept is a meditator’s ability to harness their mental processes.

Binaural Beat Meditation – Experience Greatly Heightened Awareness Using Binaural Beats

Binaural Beat meditation offers the experience of utter relaxation and greatly heightened levels of awareness and creativity. Whether you are looking for a method of freeing yourself from stress and anxiety, or simply searching for a technique to heighten your existing meditational experience, binaural beat meditation offers the opportunity to change your life forever.

Finding Peace in Chaos Without a Pill – Meditation

Is your life chaotic? Are there a million things pulling at you from the time you arise to the time you go to sleep? When you lie down to get a nights rest so you can begin again, does the chaos keep pulling at you?

My Meditation Time Had a Fantastic Result But My Thoughts Almost Ruined It

In my meditation time, I am on a quest to put my mind under subjection so that it is a tool to enhance my life rather than an instrument that takes my life in the opposite direction of where I desire to go. I believe we are to enjoy this life’s experience and controlling the mind is one of the keys that unlock the floodgates of heaven.

Learn How to Meditate by Using a Variety of Meditation Techniques – Don’t Get Into a Rut

Daily meditation is a great way to relieve stress, stay more focused and grow closer to God. But just like exercise or a relationship, it’s easy to get into a rut. It’s easy to get into a rut if you do the same ritual day after day. It’s vitally important to have quiet time every day to filter out all of the noise, chatter in our heads and demands on our time.

Spirituality and the Practical Applications of Meditation

I am often asked how I can separate meditation from spirituality and the answer of course is that I can’t and don’t. We are spiritual adaptations of life who are currently in physical form, therefore anything we do is spiritual. We don’t normally think of practical activities being spiritual but when we consider that all reality springs from the fact that we are the only manifestation of life that we currently know of that is consciously self aware, then is it that difficult to realize that we are spiritual and that everything we do is spiritual?

The True Benefits of Meditation

In today’s modern world it is often very difficult to slow down and the pace of life today means that more and more people are discovering just how detrimental stress can be to your health. In particular, sleeping disorders such as insomnia are on the increase and, while sleeping pills might work in the short term, finding a long term solution is not always easy. As a result an increasing number of us are turning to ancient practices for the relief of stress including meditation.

Meditation – Binaural Beats – A Simple Solution to Life’s Stresses

Are you, or someone you love, one of the millions that suffer from stress and anxiety? What if you had a simple technique that will help reduce the stresses of everyday life? Find out one simple way to help deal with it!

Memoirs of a Novice – Meditation Pt 4

What I would like to talk about in this article is more about what I found out during my time at university. As I got closer to finishing my degree (with better than distinction average might I boast!?) I really desired to pursue a career in neuroscience research. I already knew what my first project was going to be. I wanted to look into this binaural beat technology for myself, scientifically, in a professional laboratory.

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