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Guided Meditation Mp3 – Effortlessly Enter a State of Nirvana Through Binaural Frequency Meditation

The science behind binaural beats is that of certain frequencies becoming in tune with the mind thus relaxing your mind and body into a serene state of nirvana. By attuning your mind to the binaural frequencies there becomes a significant change in body chemistry. Once you’ve started on your path you will only grow stronger and stronger as you realize the possibilities of your infinite nature.

How the Daily Practice of Meditation Can Be a Powerful Holistic Healing Tool

Once meditation in all its numerous variations and formats becomes an integral part of one’s life, a pronounced improvement in physical and mental health will follow. One may become more hopeful and optimistic, having discovered a new way of living.

Use Meditation Reduce Stress Quickly

Meditation is the most effective way to reduce stress. Most of our daily stress can be eliminated with daily uses of meditation.

Meditation Techniques – Visualization

Visualization is not necessarily a meditation technique, but it can be very effective when used in a meditative state. Your mind is already very relaxed and empty – and open to suggestion. In the same way that you can utilize your voice, so, perhaps more powerfully, you can use your imagination. The imagination can stimulate emotions, and these can register new attitudes in the mind. It can be a direct communication with the deeper levels of the mind and can provide a powerful influence for improvements in your attitudes, behavior patterns and overall confidence.

True Meditation – The Joy of Losing Control

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Just What is Energy Meditation Anyway?

Energy meditation is a way of channeling the energies in the universe to bring them into your own body for attuning and wellness. There are different kinds of energies, such as Reiki and Mahatma. Meditation is an age old technique that is said to help relieve stress and anxiety, promote a feeling of calmness, and even to promote longevity.

Meditation Can Change Your Life

Meditation can change your life. I know that is a strong statement to make, but it’s really true. A simple meditation practice will not only bring you into alignment with the Universe and your purpose, but it also connects your energy to everyone else.

Meditation Results – What Are the 3 Most Effective Christian Meditation Techniques?

Christian meditation is vital for every believer. Meditation can take on many forms and techniques. This means there is no excuse not to meditate on God’s Word.

Rest and Its Importance to Women Spiritual Leaders – Are You Getting Your Z’s?

How often, as women and spiritual leaders do we run out of gas? A common reaction when we feel overwhelmed with responsibilities is to “gear up”; to do whatever it takes to complete what we have to accomplish.

Meditation to Help Fight Parkinson’s Disease

Causes of Parkinson’s are unknown however researchers have recorded factors as being Genetic and Environmental, genetic due to a gene called parkin and environmental being due to toxins like pesticides. The Parkinson’s Society advocates as well as traditional treatment methods for sufferers to try alternative therapies like Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Meditation to help with relaxation and stress relief. In fact they have on the web site a whole document listing numerous therapies as suggestions.

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