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Alpha Brain Wave Meditation Can Help You Regain Your Creativity Lost From Childhood

Kids are the most creative, but this ability decreases as we grow into adults. Engaging in alpha brain wave meditation can help to regain this lost creativity.

Think Like Mozart!

“Cosi fan tutte”, the well-known Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera, culminates as follows: Happy is the man who looks At everything on the right side And through trials and tribulations Makes reason his guide. What always makes another weep Will be for him a cause of mirth And amid the tempests of this world He will find sweet peace. Let’s honor Mozart by putting in place his teaching everyday, starting today!

Top 5 Reasons Why Binaural Beats Download Files Are Ideal

Binaural beats download is just one of the many things you can do to take advantage of this technology. It’s being used the world over by all genders, races, and ages. I’ll tell you why in a second.

Meditation – Are You Suffering Yet?

If you have the concept that meditation is for escaping things, you are very wrong. Meditation is for facing the truth, no matter what the truth is.

Meditation For Beginners – Start With Breathing

Beginners just starting out with meditation should choose one technique to get started with. A simple technique is the best option where the opportunity for external diversion is minimized. Blocking out all distractions is important to success.

Visiting a Spiritual Healer

I have been a healer myself for over twenty years and I wanted to share with you what to expect when visiting a Spiritual Healer for the very first time. I would recommend that you see a registered healer, most will be associated with a Healing organization and they will not mind you asking which one they belong to.

How to Meditate in 7 Easy Steps

It’s true: ANYONE can meditate. Anytime. Anywhere.

Tips For Better Meditation – How to Improve Your Meditation Practice

Although we want to keep our meditation practice as simple as possible at first, it is still possible for us to improve our meditation practice by ensuring that we loosely adhere to certain rules. This article will give you some tips for better meditation which will help overcome some of the common things which beginners encounter which may not allow their practice to be of its full potential.

How to Use Binaural Beats Downloads to More Easily Reach Intense Meditative States

The discovery of the effects of binaural beats was made more than 150 year ago, but it has only been recently that they have found applications that can be used by almost anyone. There are now binaural beats downloads available to increase self-esteem, strengthen the immune system, improve general health, and overcome addictions. What is the magic of binaural beats?

Listen to a Binaural Beat to Liven Up Your Meditation

Finally, the brain can quickly and easily shift your energy to the creative, non-rational right-brain. The result is that everyday people like you and me are able to enter deep meditation states, which might take a Buddhist monk months or years to master.

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