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Learning the Art of Meditation

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Am I Cut Out For Meditation? Is Meditation For Me?

Meditation is an ancient art that has been practiced by sages, gurus and spiritual teachers mostly in the Eastern world. Recently however, it has taken the Western world by storm, and with good reason. The entire Western hemisphere is based on materialism, and anything that can be scientifically proven.

Easy Ways to Daily Meditation

For those who are experiencing a lot of stress in their lives, or those who have simply realized just how beneficial it can be, daily meditation can be an excellent way to reduce tension, increase happiness, and feel better in general. There are a few simple guidelines that can help you get the most out of your meditation sessions, although it’s important to remember that meditation is highly personal, and if a suggestion doesn’t feel right to you, simply adjust it until it does.

Chakra Meditation – A Short Guide

Life has its pressures. The busy pace has left you feeling tired, heavy, and exhausted. Throughout our everyday lives we are constantly put in stressful situations that slowly wear on our mental and physical health.

The Small Adjustments in Meditation and Prayer

If you are really good at meditation, then you will soon notice the small differences in your demeanor and personality. One of the areas that will be affected is your temper. Anger is often an expression of frustration that things are not moving your way.

Meditators, Dancers, and Mind-Body Awareness

Have you ever gone through a day when you’re very, very busy and you have to get things done so even though you are hungry you just keep going and slowly that hunger sensation turns into a headache? I’ve seen this happen to my wife a lot when she’s busy and she just forgets about, or puts aside eating and a few hours later she gets a terrible headache. It can happen to a lot of us; we just get busy, we don’t focus on what our bodies are doing, and things go wrong. Our bodies and our minds are connected.

Eating Well and Mindfully: Living a Meditative Life

You may ask yourself, “What do meditation and eating have to do with each other?” The answer is that they actually have a great deal to do with each other. What happens in the day is that we tend to get so busy that we’re not 100% present with “what is” and we really miss out on wonderful experiences that occur throughout the day. This includes important moments in everyday life, like eating.

Breathing And Meditation – Learn To Breath Properly

The main purpose of breathing correctly and meditation is to calm the mind and develop inner peace. But for us in the way we live today I feel there is a bigger need for this – we are so tense most of the time that we have forgotten how to breath normally – to breath properly!

Look IN To See The Way OUT

Here are a few tips for changing your thoughts to become more centered and peaceful. This article will also teach you a simple meditation technique that you can practice anywhere.

Meditation for Beginners: Top Tip To Meditate Like A Monk in Minutes

Meditation for beginners can be done easily with one simple trick. Once you have discovered it, you’ll quickly be able to get into a mindful meditation to relieve stress as well as have found an excellent meditation for anxiety relief. This article gives you that trick as well as more resources for starting your meditation process like a pro.

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