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Meditation Cushions – The Different Varieties

Meditation cushions have been used by people who practice regular meditation techniques in order make their experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Using a meditation cushion will also allow for a more effective meditation experience.

Differences Between Meditative Healing and Psychiatric Curing

Meditation can heal and so can psychiatry. Then what may be the differences between meditative healing and psychiatric curing? This article points out some basic differences between the two therapeutic procedures.

FAQs About Mindfulness

Answers to some frequently asked questions about mindfulness. Is mindfulness the same as meditation? Is mindfulness Buddhist? Can anyone learn to be more mindful? How do I practice mindfulness?

All About Meditation

Meditation is a practice that people use to relax, release tension and take their mind to a higher state of awareness. Meditation uses the ability to make your mind completely calm and peaceful. This age old technique is used by religions and people the world over. In different parts of the world meditation is used for different reasons and is very popular. Some of the religions that incorporate mediation include Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism.

Holistic Therapy For Emotional Healing – Spiritual Meditation

In the first of this two-part article series, I suggested energy healing techniques as the best way to heal emotional wounds because it works at the cellular level and helps with the emotional clearing of unresolved memories, painful feelings and limiting beliefs. In that article, I gave you several essential oils you can use for healing emotional wounds. This article will offer healing meditation as a technique for emotional clearing.

Binaural Beats Meditation – Discover the Life Transforming Experience of Binaural Beats Meditation

With binaural beat meditation you can expect a positive difference in your body chemistry. The way it works best is if you use headphones and find a comfortable position to sit or lay down. It is actually a must for the headphones to be used because with binaural beats a separate frequency is played into each ear. When these frequencies align in each hemisphere of the brain the frequency of your overall brain is lifted to a new height of relaxation.

How Meditation May Slow Aging

Truly, the issue of aging has constantly left people in wonder and curiosity. In the middle of the 1970s, a new way to slow aging was introduced by a Harvard professor in his then newly published book-The Wonders of Meditation.

Why Daily Relaxation is Important to Your Health

Relaxation is a method of adaption to anxiety and life stressors which is beneficial to both the physical and psychological well being to an individual. The methods of relaxing are numerous and psychologists and hypnosis experts have developed numerous methods which could help you relax.

How to Effectively Use Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is by far one of the simplest relaxation techniques that have been proven to markedly relieve stress and ameliorate its harmful effects on your body. The technique involves a getting into a trance state, or a so called out of body state.

Meditation – Thoughts on Calming the Mind and Soul

Cloaked in mysticism, meditation is an elusive state of mind for some of us. All of its varied forms seem to indicate the nigh impossible task of emptying our minds of all thoughts.

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