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Meditation For the Mind – How to Improve Your Mind

Meditation for the mind works on the same way as physical exercise for the body, meditation is a great tool to improve your mental capacity, discover how it happens here. As you meditate the capacity of your mind improves, it does it in simple and natural ways, as you start to developing mental qualities that come with the act of meditation.

Meditation Experiences

What it feels like to be in a deep meditative state and basic info on different types of meditation. Meditation is an experience of heightened awareness, not a state of unconsciousness.

How to Learn to Meditate – What Are Your Options?

There are several ways on how to learn to meditate. Discover some of the advantages and disadvantages of each one so you can take the right decision before starting a meditation practice.

Want to Know the Easiest Way to Meditate?

Meditation can be extremely beneficial for your health and mind but it can be difficult to master. Listening to a binaural beats download makes meditation much easier and there is no long learning curve. A free sample is available.

A Beginner’s Guide to Self Healing Meditation

Are you stressed out with all that’s going on? I’d be surprised to hear that you’re not. Living in this quantum age means pushing the envelope to the max. It also means your life is full to the brim with issues, stresses, and struggles. With economic uncertainty abounding, people being laid off and the folks that still have jobs being required to do more, it’s a wonder that anyone even knows how to relax.

Meditation and Positive Thinking – Two Allies For Success

Meditation and positive thinking are interconnected, one helps the other like two pillars to improve your meditation practice and your life. How do they work?

Ramana Maharshi – Self Enquiry Tips

You might have already heard of Ramana Maharshi’s technique of Self Enquiry. Read on and you will discover the secrets on how to use this famous technique to attain high states of samadhi & Enlightenment.

Meditation – Cultivating Inner Quiet Part Two

There are different ways to meditate on God’s Word and spend quality time in His presence, allowing him to draw you into a closer, more intimate relationship. I want to focus on one in particular.

Meditation – Cultivating Inner Quiet Part One

The negative effects environmental noise has on your health including hearing loss, increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and increased appetite leading to weight gain are no secret. What I want to focus on today is quieting the inner noise, which is just as destructive to true health. “Internal noise” or the constant stream of self-talk that runs through your mind can greatly impact your health as well.

How to Meditate at Home – 8 Tips to Make Home Your Own Oasis

When you meditate at home it can be very distracting, the kids, your family, the TV, so many distractions. Learn how to meditate at home by following these tips, you will figure out how to find that perfect place for you to practice.

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