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Proper Breathing While Meditating

When meditating, you want to lightly, passively focus on a single thing to help clear your thoughts. This thing can be a simple thought, an object, the tip of your nose. It can be a sound, a word, a chant, a symbol.

Getting Started Meditating

While on the outside it looks like people who meditate are just sitting there with their eyes closed, a lot is going on under the surface. Meditation, while accessible and learnable by pretty much anyone, is more difficult to perform than it looks.

A Few Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has a lot to offer. Many of meditation’s benefits occur noticeably almost immediately, but the practice produces longer lasting benefits that can show up in softer, slower, and more subtle ways…

The Power of Meditation

Find solutions to your most difficult problems. Find peace in your most stressful situations. Create a newer, better you.

Meditation and It’s Amazing Health Benefits!

Reduce stress by being in the present moment. Meditation is the best way to experience being in the present. The present moment is the doorway to peace and serenity.

Metaphysical Secrets to Success – Your Soul Whispers Your Life Purpose in Silence and Meditation

“I can’t meditate.” I used to say this and I have heard many others say it as well. However, what we fail to realize is that we meditate all the time, but often in the wrong state. And it is so important to meditate in the right state because your soul whispers your life purpose in silence and meditation.

Relaxing With Your Breath

Taking a couple of nice, deep breaths can really help eliminate some of the tension we hold in our bodies. On top of that, learning how to breathe slower and deeper all day long, without concentrating on it, is a great way to keep bodily tension from building up.

Meditation Brainwave Secrets Revealed

When we meditate the brain goes from the Beta wave state to the Alpha wave state. When we are in the Alpha state we tend to experience a heightened sense of awareness as well as higher cognitive learning and understanding.

Active Meditation – A Process Also Used Within Craftsmanship

Within this article I want to talk about a concept of what I have called “active meditation”. When people talk about meditation and going on retreats and spending hours sitting looking at the flame of a candle I’m afraid I glaze over and lose interest.

The Glowing Life of Meditation

Meditation is much more than relaxation. Most people say that it can help you feel a lot calmer during the day and have the ability to be more productive.

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