What Good Can Meditation Possibly Do for Me?

Have you tried hypnosis, or are you struggling to know where to start? Maybe you have an idea of what meditation is, but are not sure where to turn for help and advice. This article explores meditation and some of the many benefits you can expect to gain from practicing meditation.

Musical Frequencies Deepen Meditation?

As sound frequencies can affect our moods and emotions, we may use typical musical frequencies to deepen our mind state to take us to meditative states much quicker. Binaural beats and relevant music can be utilised to slow down brainwaves and put us in deep meditation within a matter of minutes.

Meditation Techniques for Beginners – 3 Tips to Get Started!

If you are just starting to learn about meditation then you probably need some meditation techniques for beginners. There are many different types of meditation techniques and today I’m going to share with you three of the easiest techniques for the meditation beginner.

10 Simple Secrets to a Great Meditation Practice

Before meditation, clean your body and mouth by taking a bath, gargling, etc. If you meditate immediately after taking bath, your body and mind will feel fresh and awake. During the day or evening, you may take a yogic half bath by cooling arms, face, navel, neck and feet with cool water. Also cleanse the mouth and nose with water.

What’s the First Question Beginning Meditators Ask?

One of the most fundamental questions we can ask ourselves is, why? There’s a good chance it was the first question about meditation that you wanted an answer to, why meditate? Whether we are aware of it we are all essentially looking for is a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Three Fundamentals of a Meditation Practice

You’ve read you can increase your brainpower, or you want to enhance your sports performance. Perhaps your doctor told you it’s time to learn stress reduction. In yoga class you’ve become aware of the possibility of enlightenment, understanding your true nature or your purpose in life.

Can Science Evaluate Meditation?

During the last few decades, hundreds of research studies on meditation have produced numerous significant findings in areas as diverse such as the psychological, physiological, and transpersonal realms. However, the poor quality in terms of scientific procedure of most published literature on this the field of meditation precludes any definitive conclusion. But, as long as researchers will be engaged in applying the methods of the reductionist view of scientific positivism, i.e. the physical and material constitutes all there is to reality and the only proper object of scientific scrutiny, it will be impossible to even scratch the surface of subjectivity, or better said, the inter-subjectivity of experience.

How To Balance Your Root Chakra

Importance of a healthy and balanced root chakra. Physical and mental problems resulting from an unbalanced and unhealthy root chakra. How to balance your root chakra.

How Meditation Workshop Helps in Revitalizing a Person?

One of the best ways to realize your inner capabilities and strength is certainly through meditation. It is nothing, but an exercise of mind that releases stress. There are many people, who join workshops for meditations to lead a peaceful and healthy life.

Bipolar Medications – An Overview of the Basics

While there are a lot of different types of bipolar disorder, everyone still suffers from the manic highs and the emotionally paralyzing lows of this disorder. Manic episodes can be extreme and include psychotic behavior, fast speech, racing thoughts, and risky, self-destructive behavior. On the other hand, depression can keep a person from enjoying life and may even put the patient in danger of committing, or at least contemplating, suicide.

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