Instantly Block Unwanted Emotions & Negative Energy l Raise Healing Vibration l Meditation Music

Inspirations – Healthy Ideals – Dog Dreams and Lazy Days of Tails

Sitting here watching my best friend and companion laying on the cool concrete of my basement floor, cooling off from the near 30 degree Celsius heat outside. He looks so blissful and comfortable, that I wonder why I don’t join him and lay on the concrete also?

How to Use Guided Meditations to Battle Stress and Depression

Guided meditations are an incredible tool for anyone who meditates. Whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating for years, you should most certainly know the power and benefits you can gain from following guided meditations. As you learn more techniques to bring yourself into a meditative state you will probably want to start using guided meditations.

Meditating With Brainwave Entrainment – Unlock Your Potential

You will learn to associate specific feelings with each change in brainwave frequency, this is the beginning of the path which allows for you to control your individual brainwaves. Just think of all the opportunities…

Further Key Benefits of Meditation and Deep Relaxation

Meditation has long been praised for the health benefits it provides. But now it can be argued quite convincingly that there are definite health benefits from being in a deep relaxed state for a long period of time and on a regular basis.

Christian Meditation Technique – Part 2

Lectio Divina (‘divine reading’) is only slightly more involved than the technique of contemplative prayer. The physical mechanics are almost identical to other meditation techniques.

Daily Healing Meditations – Ten Great Places to Meditate

Simplicity is best, but sometimes it can be hard to find. Gather yourself and gain peace of mind with guided meditation retreat tips collected in this article. Each of the healing meditations include a synopsis to help you find tranquility.

Can You Breathe Properly?

Oxygen is such an important element to life on our planet and although we can’t live very long without it, many of us never give the air we breathe everyday a second thought. Considering our reliance on air it seems amazing that most of what we breathe is polluted and that most of us are not very good at breathing.

The Science of Mantra & Right Way of Mantra Chanting to Still the Mind & Experience Self Realization

One thing for sure is that this realization will never happen without the right master. So if you want to still this restless mind and experience the joys of the inner world, you definitely have to befriend a master to whom you can surrender whom you can trust and love and in whose hands you can leave yourself to do whatever is required. In the absence of a realized master, a right way, a right technique is definitely going to be the most arduous thing to do, nearly impossible.

Learn to Meditate – Easy Tips to Get You Started With Meditation

There are so many things going on in your life, you can barely keep track of everything. You have so many responsibilities at home and work, you barely get a moment to yourself, and you’re wondering how you can keep juggling it all without getting completely burned out. One of the best things you can do to maintain your sanity is to learn to meditate. It’s not hard at all, but it will help you to center your mind and body, and will give the clarity that is needed to conquer all the tasks of the day.

Meditation – Some Misconceptions

The practice of meditation is thought by some critics to be a waste of time. However, it is meditating that allows our thought to be free to travel as we first direct it and then rewards us with quality feelings and thoughts that uplift us or bring us peace.

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