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Two Powerful Visualization Secrets That You Are Probably Doing Wrong

There is a right way and a wrong way to visualize. Make sure you are doing it the right way if you want to see results in your life.

Daily Reiki Practice to Reduce the Effects of Aging

In this article I will describe a ten minute visualisation which I have been using for 10 years to improve my own health (physical, emotional and intellectual). The process is very simple and involves a couple of minutes of preparation followed by a short visualisation exercise.

Meditation – A Doorway to Your Psychic Development

Do you want to open up your intuitive and psychic abilities and connect with spirit? Nearly every teacher of psychic development will tell you that one of the most effective steps you can take is to set up a regular meditation practice. Read on to learn more.

Six Golden Rules

This is a do or die situation for all of us. If we do, we do not die; if we do not do, we die!

Meditation to Help You Remove the Clutter in Your Mind and Help You Achieve Goals

So often the biggest thing that holds us back from taking the first step towards achieving goals is the endless seemingly trivial stuff that keeps us busy. Those non essential tasks can keep our stress levels high and our anxiety about not reaching our goals constantly bubbling under the surface.

A Personal Meditation Plan

For a beginner, meditation is the end part of a regular Yoga practice. For the very evolved being, it can start anywhere. As there needs to be an introduction to most things, meditation can become a part of living, walking and sleeping life if it starts where it is supposed to begin. I believe a Yoga practice cannot be complete without a meditation practice as a physical sport cannot be ended without a cooling period.

Enjoy Being in the Now With Meditation

Many people feel too distracted by life. With technology some of us are feeling more detached from the essence of their self and others. Meditation helps you regain that essence and be in the now.

The Main Benefit of Meditation

Everyone seems to have heard of meditation. Many have never tried it or understand what people gain from it. Let us consider the main benefit of meditation.

Famous Mentalists – Uri Geller

Uri Geller is one of the most famous mentalists in the world. His ability to perform seemingly impossible feats with his mental powers has awed people for many years. Geller’s is probably best known for his ability to bend spoons with the power of his mind.

Meditation is Not Silly

Meditation offers a number of benefits. It is a shame therefore that some people dismiss it without trying and understanding it. Let us explore this point.

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