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Healing Meditation Technique

This healing meditation is good for the soul, body and mind. First thing you want to do is sit in a comfortable position. This can be in a chair with your feet flat on the ground or in a crossed legged position on the floor. Once you are comfortable and feel like you are in a position that you can sit in for 20 minutes, it is time to begin the healing meditation.

Guided Meditations Featuring the Third Eye Meditation

There are several different types of guided meditations. This article is going to focus on the specific guided meditation called the third eye meditation. The third eye meditation is an excellent way to open the third eye chakra also called the head chakra and ajna chakra.

Why Should We Meditate?

Meditation is an art, technique, science etc. We could label it in many different ways. In this article I will give several reasons why we should learn how to meditate, and I will also describe the most important benefits one can gain from meditation.

Meditate for Beginners – Turn Off Your Mental Radio

The desire to meditate for beginners has a truly evil enemy called mind chatter. Think of it like your own mental radio. It’s really terrible, and it will prevent you from meditating properly, unless you manage to conquer it.

Meditate to a Better You

The rediscovery of the ancient eastern art of meditation has made it possible for people to improve their personal lives by just sitting for a few hours each day to reach their inner selves and find peace from within. It is the best and most successful way of finding a real change in life. Meditation can make you improve self image and that means how you regard yourself.

Tips on Meditating For a Healthy Mind and Body

Meditation was originally used for spiritual growth, to become more open to and aware of the holy and the guiding presence of the holy. Today, though, meditation has become a valuable tool even for those people who do not consider themselves religious. It can be a source of peace and quiet in a world that is seriously lacking in both. It can be used for healing, emotional cleansing and balancing, deepening concentration, unlocking creativity, and finding inner guidance.

Meditation Is Your Mental Ally

After practicing yoga for a while you will realise that a certain amount of energy has actually shifted within your mind. This means that even though your regular yoga practice seems to exclusively focus on the physical body, the effects are far reaching and influencing your whole mental processes. This is because by understanding how the flows of energy dance in your body and knowing that the body and the mind are like buddies hand in hand in a similar process of conscious living, you have actually influence thoughts, feelings, and mental energy as a whole.

Brain Entrainment: What’s Your Financial Thermostat?

Before you start brain entrainment, the neural reconditioning process designed to program your brain with the right information, there are two systems you must master and command if you truly want to achieve business success. One is called your psycho-cybernetic trigger or mechanism and the other is known as you reticular activation system. Both are critical to your financial success.

Who Has Time for Meditation?

Most people are aware of the benefits of meditation. There has been a lot of research and there are studies that show what it can do for you.

Why Some People Use Candles When Meditating

Novice and experienced mediators alike give the mind something to cling to while meditating. Some may choose a mantra or a visualization, however, many mediators choose to focus on a candle flame.

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