Get Healthy Now With Ease and Enjoyment

If you have a pain or are feeling uncomfortable, try to relax – learn natural relaxation. Try not to tense your body, rather allow the fresh, positive energy to flush out the blockage. At times this can be hard, as our initial reaction is to become tense and contract when we feel pain or discomfort.

The Magic of Meditation

Got stress? With the high levels of uncertainty and insecurity all around us these days, it seems like the perfect time to talk about a simple, easy and free way to relax and feel good – Meditation. More and more medical doctors are prescribing meditation over medication, deeming it a safe and simple way to relieve stress and promote overall health.

The Secret of Immortality

The quest for immortality is as alive today as it was thousands of years ago. Here is a story from the Chinese Taoist tradition. While it may not solve your mortality problem, it does contain a valuable lesson for anyone who is getting irritated with teachers and gurus.

Chi (or Qi) For Skeptics – A Practical Approach to Understanding Chi Or Qi

If you’ve ever wondered what the Chinese really mean by the term “Chi” or “Qi”, there’s no better place to start than inside your own body. And while we’re at it, let’s straighten out the term “skepticism” for good measure!

Grounding Meditation – Exercise to Improve Your Health

Grounding meditation will channel the excess energy to mother earth and other existence who needs it. Traditionally grounding exercise would involve certain steps and rituals such as sitting cross-legged positions and visualizing roots come out from your feet into mother earth to clean up your system. Although this exercise has been proven to be effective, now there is an easier way to do Grounding exercise.

Easy Meditation Techniques – These Are Simple & Some of My Favorites!

In this article I’d like to talk about some easy meditation techniques that work really well. If you are like so many of the people I speak to regularly, you probably are SO stressed at your everyday life that you don’t expect ANY meditation technique will work for you, right? The truth is….you’re WRONG! Everyone can learn to meditate, and in my view, life without meditation is like being a fish out of water. Our TRUE home is in fact the spiritual freedom that ONLY arises in moments of quiet contemplation and blissful awareness. Read on..:-)

Easy Meditation Techniques – Energy Based Initiation

To get the most out of Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Now, there is a new approach to meditation, the energy based meditation. Meditation is much easier and simpler after a Divine Energy initiation. The initiation will your energy centers or chakras to the Divine Energy frequency.

Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Guided meditations are the best for beginners. You can learn to make your own recording or to purchase a guided meditation that will help you to focus and relax your mind. Meditation is a wonderful way to train your mind to relax and slow down. Once you’ve listened to guided meditations you will be able to relax your mind and body by simply listening to background music.

Meditation For Optimal Health

Meditation has become popular because it promotes optimal health, gives the body a profound rest, dissipates stress, sifts through your mind traffic, helps you to think ahead and keeps you organised. Meditation looks after your body: Every cell in your body has a certain vibrational frequency for good health and vitality. Fear, anger, hostility, etc causes the vibrational energy in your body to alter – to move toward disharmony or dis-ease.

De-Stress Yourself With Daily Deep Relaxation Meditation

When it comes to Meditation we must have an open mind and make a commitment if we want change in our lives. When people think of meditation they often think of religion or they think of it as a waste of time. But meditation is the ultimate skill of patience, which gives peace and calm to our minds, bodies, and then to our lives.

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