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Can Your Sex Affect Your Breathing Meditation?

Give your brain a break with breathing meditation. Find a comfortable place to relax, sit quietly, and breathe. Let go of all of your thoughts. If your thoughts are still coming, imagine a beautiful sunshine.

Meditation in Color – How to Use Colors to Influence and Intensify Your Meditations

Colors are in many ways connected to emotions and thoughts. Certain colors provide a type of energy that can be directly related to a goal or directive of your meditations.

The Five Tattvas of the Indians of Mother Earth

The Tattvas or tattwas are symbols which you are to keep in your mind through a certain period of time. They are meant as a specified beginning of mental practice also relating directly to mental stages. Each are particular and each are significant to the actual essence of its image.

Meditation Benefits

What Is Meditation? Why Meditate? Is Meditation For Everyone?

Meditation – What and How?

Many people talk about meditation. It could help improve health by reducing stress, calming your senses and cooling down your daily fast-paced life. A lot has been discussed but what meditation is and how to start? Simply defined, (we don’t need a dictionary to do this) it is an art of focusing your mind.

Here is a Very Easy Meditation For Men

The average guy I meet would rather go shoe shopping with his wife or girlfriend before he would consider trying to sit still, ‘clear his mind’ and ‘think of nothing’. Thinking of nothing is an oxymoron anyway. Men don’t normally do that sort of thing. So, if you’re a guy reading this and you’re interested in giving it a go, then here is an easy way to try meditation.

Brain Wave Therapy – Coaching the Brain to Better Control the Body

Brain wave therapy works with the brain to help control parts of the body. Many experts believe that just because the brain is in control of the entire body, that they are certain wavelengths that can be used to help improve or even repair some conditions that may be going on in the body.

How to Use Guided Meditation Scripts For Better Meditation

In ancient times, people would chant during meditation. Today, people use a guided meditation script. These two are different but they are based on the same idea which is to help people stay focused on their meditation.

Amazing LifeFlow Meditation 2.0 Review & Download

LifeFlow mediation 2.0 is a great brainwave entrainment program. It will take you through successively ‘lower’ audio tracks to develop and grow your mind. This will foster ‘whole brain thinking’ or ‘whole brain synchronization’. Whole brain thinking is when the two hemispheres of our brain, left and right, work in harmony with each other. This produces unrivaled concentration with a strong sense of peace & fulfillment.

Overcoming Chronic Lack and Struggle

Shifting from a negative mindset that is focused on lack to one that is strongly focused on abundance isn’t easy sometimes. In fact, sometimes it can seem downright impossible to make any progress at all. The next time you find yourself feeling hopeless and frustrated, keep in mind these three things:

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