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Reiki Meditation Techniques – Finding the Right Music

For someone who practices the meditation techniques of Reiki, a meaningful choice of music is vital for the whole healing process. The music used for the Reiki meditation techniques is not only important for calming the mind of both the patient and the healer.

The Keys to Meditation

In true meditation there is none of the nonsense about emptying the mind or stopping your thoughts, or even contemplating your navel. Sometimes it helps to have some keys to concentration in order to bring the mind in tune with the body.

Goenka Meditation – Vipassana at Its Best

Discover Goenka meditation. It’s a simple yet powerful meditation technique…

Achieving Happiness Through Meditation

Many children learn (either consciously or subconsciously) that happiness is difficult to achieve. They also often learn that one can only be happy when a certain set of external circumstances are met (for example the approval of a friend or parent, or having a certain toy or other item).

Meditation For the Beginner – The Eight Keys

Are you time poor? Are you stressed? Are you balancing several roles? As an older working mother of four children, and life coach, I have a hectic and complex life. In support of other working mums and dads I have written a series of articles simplifying the process of meditation for those of you who are new to meditation.

Teach Me to Meditate

It’s not complicated, it’s not difficult, it’s just a matter of starting, and continuing. Meditation is doing something for yourself that nothing else can do. Learn how to give yourself the gift of Healing. Learn how now.

Meditation For Beginners – How Do You Begin?

To begin with the duration of the meditation is not so important What is important is being consistent in your meditation practice. So instead of trying to meditate for an hour or more for a few days and then taking a break for a few weeks, what you are really after is meditating even for five to ten minutes a time, but meditate everyday.

Benefits of Meditation Music

Playing meditation music as part of your meditation exercises, helps you to achieve a state of extreme relaxation, through alteration of your brainwaves. Find out what are the benefits of meditation music and how it can help you.

Choosing the Right Music For Reiki Meditation

Learn why choosing the appropriate meditation music for your Reiki sessions can benefit your healing process. Informative tips on how Reiki meditation can help you.

Meditation Technique – The Secret of Smiling

A book entitled Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris discusses several forms of exercise, in which “the Secret Smile” is one of them. Martial artists, who know about Hoshinjutsu, are also able to instruct the meditation technique of the Secret Smile. One of the best meditation techniques I can suggest is this as well as very relaxing and not hard to do.

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