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Why Is Holistic Meditation Best?

Through 25 years of meditation study, teaching, and practice I have come to recognize four dimensions activated by various meditation techniques-body, heart, mind, and spirit. Many meditation styles emphasize only one or two of these dimensions. In my quest to discover the most comprehensive approach, I look for practices that address all four of these dimensions. The methods that emphasize all four dimensions I call “holistic.” This article explores why holistic meditation works so well.

The Art of Visualization in Meditation Practice

In Yogic circles, Yantra meditation is a well known technique for using visualization of a geometric painting or diagram. Yantra is a Sanskrit word, which means: “instrument.” The Yantra is an instrument (tool), which is used for restraining the wandering mind (monkey mind). The Sri Yantra is…

Inner Focus – The Difference Between Meditation and Concentration

To understand the difference between meditation and concentration, it is necessary to know what both words mean. The normal state of the mind is one of fast-paced, fragmented thoughts, feelings, and actions. With constant stimulation from a diverse array of sources, it bounces from one idea, or reaction to another, with little rational reason.

How to Do Meditation Properly

It’s always a worry with any new hobby – or sometimes even with one that you’ve been doing for some time – and meditation is no exception. Most beginners will question themselves and ask if the meditation technique they’re using is really the one that will allow them to do meditation properly.

Learning About Meditation

How can one start learning about meditation? What kind of meditation is easiest for the beginner? From ancient Vedic teachings, to the latest technological tools, answers are as varied as the many different styles of the age-old practice of meditation.

Generating Positive Energy From Chi To Grow Taller

They call this energy chi, or the ”vital life force.” Westerners often find the concept difficult to understand. After all, no one can see chi, so why would one believe that it exists?

5 Life-Changing Inner Skills and How to Grow Them

Are you ready to quiet your mind, relax deeply, and grow your inner skills? In this article, we explore 5 Inner Skills that you can develop through meditation practice. These skills are the keys to releasing whatever holds you back and connecting with the powerful co-creator you are inside. What you bring to life from the inside determines what you receive from life on the outside. To change your life in the direction you desire, you must align your inner state with what you truly want. You can achieve this through meditation.

Choosing the Right Place for Meditation

Many forms of meditation can be done essentially anywhere; on a train or bus, in the office during a lunch break. basically any block of free time can be devoted to quiet rumination, but for most people the bulk of their meditation practice will be done within the home and so it can prove beneficial to create a space that is perfect for meditating in one’s own home.

What Is Kundalini and How to Have a Kundalini Awakening

The Kundalini is an energetic pathway in the body that runs from the base of your spine up along your spine, up the back of your head and out the top of your head. There are many energetic pathways in the body but there are two main energy pathways. One moves up the center of the front of the body and the Kundalini, which runs up the center of the back of the body.

Meditation Helps Us With Our Attachments: When You Need to Let Go

What are attachments? How can they cause us suffering and how can meditation help with our attachments? First, what are attachments? Simply put, attachments are anything that we need in order to be happy. “I have to have this or I will not be happy. Without this person or without this accomplishment, I will not be happy. I need it. I need it, period.”

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