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5 Yoga Breathing Exercises for Driving

You have been driving for several hours and then you are caught in a traffic jam. This can take its toll on your energy. You may feel dizzy, anxious or even lose your temper.

How to Harness Your Energy

One method for increasing the amount of energy a practitioner has throughout the day is to practice short meditation sessions whenever energy begins to wane. With work schedules, it is not necessary to go into a deep meditative state during these sessions. Taking the time to focus one’s mind…

Om Meditation – Busting the Stereotypes

If the idea of an Om meditation or chanting “Om” conjures images of ponytailed and exotically costumed cloistered characters sequestered from the “real” world of everyday life, and if the whole picture inspires your assertion, “That is just so not me!” you can get over it. The woman in the corner office probably chants Om every day, and her chanting undoubtedly helped her win that coveted corner. Let go of the stereotype, and collect the benefits of chanting Om.

It’s Easy To Start Meditating And Reap The Benefits

Meditation has become well-known as a way to reduce stress and gain peace of mind. Simple meditation is easy to practice and can be learnt in a relatively short period of time. Learn about the benefits of meditation and why it is not necessary to stop thinking to meditate.

Medical Uses for Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been put to a number of medical uses since the Victorian era when it was popular to treat people using hypnotherapy, especially people who were diagnosed as suffering with hysteria. Nowadays there are a number of well-accepted conditions for which hypnotherapy is considered a perfectly acceptable practice.

How to Enter a Meditative State Without Falling Asleep

Within classes, falling asleep during meditation is generally discouraged; but it is a natural thing to happen occasionally. Yoga teachers can attest to how many snoring students they awake during classes. However, falling asleep frequently, during meditation, needs to be addressed. If someone is not able to meditate because they sleep, the true cause may be a matter of procedure, during the class, or during the course of a day.

How to Beat Your Ego

One of the primary benefits of meditation is creating a sense of stillness, and calm, that is present throughout one’s entire life. The stillness and inner peace is one of the most attractive aspects of making meditation a daily practice. Meditation is clearing the mind; and in clearing the mind; silences the ego. In order to silence the ego; it is necessary to understand what the ego is.

How to Do Meditation

The question of: “How to do meditation,” is timeless. Rather than go over a specific step-by-step procedure for meditating, let’s look at the mindset and other foundational factors that should come into play, when we make time for meditation.

Learn the Most Powerful and Quickest Way to Meditate Deeper Than a Zen Monk – Part 3

Now we get to the exciting part – learning to connect to things outside your body. So why is this so exciting, when you learn that you can feel and move energy outside your body, you know without a doubt that you are not confined to your body. You realize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience instead of the other way around. I’m not talking about you knowing because someone else told you, not because you read it in a book, even if it is your religious book. This might sound true to you, you might want it to be true, but unless you can feel energy and move it outside of yourself you don’t know for sure, no matter how much you believe.

The Top Three Ways to Meditate

Meditation continues to gain global popularity, as more and more individuals realize the healthy benefits of undertaking such a practice. The following three ways to meditate are among the most practiced in the world today.

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