The Benefits of Meditation Home Training

Yoga and meditation can be very beneficial for a number of different reasons. A lot of people use these techniques to help with stress relief and relaxation. Yoga can also help to improve balance and flexibility when it is practiced regularly.

Lucid Dreaming and Brainwave Entrainment

Lucid dreaming – the art of remaining consciously aware while in the dream state – offers many enticing rewards but is extremely difficult to master. Or at least it has been up to now. But today, a relatively new audio technology called brainwave entrainment is making the ultimate creative freedom of lucid dreams more accessible than ever before.

Meditation Instruction – Step-By-Step Instruction to Show You How to Meditate

Step-by-step meditation instruction to help you learn the proper way to meditate. If you’ve struggled with meditation and are not sure you are meditating correctly, you should read this article!

A Look at Meditation and How It’s Not All About Metaphysics

The assumption has always been that meditation is a tool used only for those involved in metaphysics. Meditation is often viewed as a “new age term” and that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Raising Your Spirits With a Core Energy Meditation

One of the more specialist types of meditation is called Core Energy Meditation. Although I’m calling it “specialist”, that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to learn. In fact, the whole process is probably one of the easier methods I’ve come across.

What’s the Best Way to Learn How to Meditate?

There are almost as many different ways to learn how to meditate as there are people who meditate. Even if you’re following the same methods as everyone else, chances are that you’re doing something different, even if it’s only a slight difference. The good news is that doesn’t matter – there’s no single “correct” way to meditate. But here are some easy ways you can learn meditation.

Just What is Deep Zen Meditation and Why Would You Want to Do It?

Put simply, deep Zen meditation is the modern way for you to achieve the same state of deep meditation that it takes Zen monks decades to learn how to reach. Which at first sight sounds impossible, so how does this work? Or is it just a scam to take your money?

Lucid Dreaming For Creativity and Problem Solving

Have you ever been faced by a seemingly intractable problem – a puzzle that no amount of thinking can resolve? Some of history’s most famous creative minds in all fields of human endeavor have often found solutions in their inner wellspring of imagination, the dream state. For them, dreaming was anything but a waste of time, a mere processing of daily experiences by a mental maintenance department.

The Art and Practice of Scrying – Everyone Has Their Own Methods

The practice of Scrying is unique in form but very concrete concerning the desired result. What is meant by that is there are many methods that are all aiming at achieving the same thing. It is often referred to as “seeing with the mind.”

Lucid Dreaming For Mental Rehearsal

Mental rehearsal has been proven to enhance the effectiveness of actual practice and acquired skills. Whether you’re an athlete getting ready for that big game, an artist preparing for a concert, a businessman anticipating an important meeting, or a valedictorian about to give a commencement speech, having a successful experience in your mind beforehand greatly increases your chances of a positive outcome.

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