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When You’re Lonely and Scared

Days can be hard-and nights worse-when you’re lonely and scared. But God has provided a resource, a warm hiding place of love, and once you can experience that love, you are never really alone.

Chakra Energies – Why They Are Important in Meditation

The flow of life-force energy in the body is one vital aspect in meditation and beyond. We know and have established the fact that there are several hundred places all in our body where there is an application of energy, they are what we call the major centers and we often call them chakras.

The Art of Meditation and You

Conquering the art of meditation can be one of the most important and meaningful endeavors you will ever accomplish. Life is stressful, and often overlooked is ones spiritual health. You will find many different ideas, methods, and techniques involved with meditation. Know though that at the heart of all these cultures you will find basics that all people should explore.

Major Chakras – Where Are They Located and What Do They Mean?

The Earth Chakra is mix of color that is red, white, and gold. You can find it six inches below the feet. Earth Chakra means earth foundation.

Ultra Deep Meditation, a Simple How-To Guide

You have probably heard of meditation, and the very real benefits it can offer if practiced regularly; but what about ultra deep meditation? If you have already tried meditation and experienced its benefits, then you are probably keen to try meditating to a deeper level.

Chakra Energy Healing – Sekhem-Seichim Reiki

There is a white light and solar energy that is coming from the sky and flowing through the body. This is what we call the divine universal energy. This can also be called the Divine white light, chi, ki, qi, prana and many other names.

Why the Best Meditation Requires Feedback

Meditation is a skill like any other. You can do it poorly or you can excel. Most who meditate fail to excel because traditional methods lack feedback – something necessary for skill learning. Here a research psychologist shows how to add feedback and upgrade your practice to the best meditation.

How to Meditate For Beginners, an Introductory Guide

Meditation is one of those kinds of things that you have probably heard about but you have never tried. Maybe you think it is one of those kinds of new-age type things that are all promise and very little substance, but you are genuinely curious to try it out.

Meditation and the Many Faces of Reality

Meditation can be a double edged tool. It can reveal the nature of actual reality, but in doing so it also reveals many other states of consciousness that we experience as real but are not usually aware of their true nature, depending on our present level of awareness. So, while meditation can show us true reality, in the process we may realize that we have been living in a conceptual representation of reality for perhaps years or even a whole lifetime.

5 Easy Meditation Steps to Use With Binaural Beat Meditation

You will also sharpen your intuition and become more instinctive when making important choices. Meditation needn’t be a complicated procedure and you can even meditate when walking. Using brainwave entrainment combined with meditation you will quickly be put into the state of mind required, wherever and whenever you need to.

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