“Deep Positive Energy Prayer” Meditation Music To Enhance Positive Energy l Peaceful Healing Music

Listening to Binaural Beats – 3 Strange Experiences You Might Expect

Many people listen to binaural beats in order to enhance their abilities to astral project and regret it. This is because they do not know the usual experiences they might have if they listen to binaural beats. Before listening to binaural beats, read this useful article.

Preksha-Dhyana and Self-Management

In today’s fast paced and high-tech era of industrialization, globalization and cut-throat competition people are facing enormous stress, tension and strain in their daily life. Under prolonged stressful situations it becomes difficult to overcome, which lead to the feeling of hopelessness in people. In this state of hopelessness people take shelter of hard-drinks and drugs, which though gives impermanent deliverance but has a lingering negative influence on their physical and mental health.

Meditation – A Beginner’s ‘How To’

Many people are aware of the benefits of meditation and have decided that a sense of calmness and inner peace is something they would greatly benefit from having in their life. Yet many people do not understand how to meditate, or complicate the process by trying too hard.

Can the Core Energy Meditation Program Really Help You?

Many people are becoming intrigued by the highly respected “Core Energy Meditation” that is a program that has been developed by Kevin Schoeninger. If you happen to be one of these people then you will certainly want to find out more about what this program is and how it can be of help to you.

Meditation is Good For You

As a person who has tried a few different meditation practices I do have an opinion about meditation. There are even scientific studies that show the benefits of meditation such as stress reduction.

How to Find the Best Meditation Position

Meditation position is often depicted with an omnipotent yogi in perfect lotus position and intricate hand gesture. This is misguided and can turn people off to meditation. Use this article to find out what meditation positions work best for you.

How to Fight “Brain Fog” With Meditation

Did you know that meditation can help you increase mental awareness and cut down on “brain fog”. Over time, it helps you to clear your mind and cut down on states of mental stupor. Because meditation involves learning to let go of all the miscellaneous thoughts that seem to wildly run around in your head, with practice you can learn to let go of the state of unclarity that arises in your mind that meditators call dullness, brain fog or stupor.

What Lies Beneath Meditation?

Many of us experience a meditative state without realizing it. For example, times when we are sitting outdoors, perhaps beside a stream or in a peaceful backyard, when everything seems to drop away, including all our thoughts or concerns, and we enter into a deeply peaceful stillness… an inner quite. In this quite, we feel as if we have dissolved and are no longer something separate or individual, but have merged with everything around us.

How Does Consciousness Arise?

The question of how consciousness arises has long plagued individuals. Ancient sages, using meditation and other cultivation techniques, were able to investigate consciousness and awareness, which gives rise to consciousness, to provide a reliable road map to true reality and enlightenment.

Buddhism Teaches Cognitive Science About Consciousness

Let us say you see a red apple, which is all that your eye does for you. It just brings you the sensory image of an apple by somehow translating the outside world into an image for consciousness, but it doesn’t provide the concept that the image is an apple nor does it make the word “apple” arise in the mind. That comes later.

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