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Practicing Meditation – Do You Really Need To Reach Enlightenment?

For many people who are meditating, their goal of meditation is to reach enlightenment, also called Nirvana or awakening. This is what is called the ultimate goal of meditation, the peak point that so many strive to attain. It is really like reaching for the moon. Some people (granted, a few only) have reported that after several years of serious meditation, they have reached their goal, or they are almost there. However is this the ultimate goal YOU want to reach?

Why Is Meditation So Popular Nowadays?

Meditation is indeed extremely popular these days with everyone, regardless of age, gender, social status or even religion. For some reason, meditation has picked up in the Western world and it seems that it is here to stay. But why is meditation so popular, what made it so even with people who are entirely materialistic and don’t really believe in spirituality at all?

How to Incorporate Meditation Into Your Martial Arts Training

Meditation has always played an important role in martial arts training.  For those who have never tried to incorporate meditation into their training, consider incorporating this ancient technique as you learn martial arts.

Creating A Place To Meditate

Children love a routine at night when they are preparing for bed. Putting them to bed, reading them a story, singing to them; whatever the routine is that a parent may have, calms them and relaxes them. When children go on a road trip in the car they do so much better when they have something special with them that reminds them of home; a special blanket, a CD of songs that calm them and so on. My daughter has a special “blankie” that makes her feel safe and calm when she’s on a trip.

Bio-Feedback Methods to Measure Efficacy of Corporate Training

Over several years, psychometric tests have been the only way to measure and map people quantitatively in the corporate world. Whether to map and track attitudes and behaviour of individuals to fit them into a role, or to test the efficacy of a training program, psychometric tools and tests are used.

Learning Easy Meditation Techniques

Meditation is one of the most beneficial abilities one must learn if he aims to have stress free living. Meditation allows us to eliminate negative thoughts so that we can have a more healthy life.

How To Meditate At Your Desk

Want to learn meditation but just don’t have the time? Here’s how you can get a little feel for meditation in just fifteen minutes all while sitting at your desk!

Healing Your Body Using Your Mind – Using Meditation and Visualization to Reduce Pain and Sickness

Illness in any form is nothing more than our negative energies choking off so much of our Life-flow that cellular damage results. The body is not separate from the universe, so when we think a thought, the vibrations run through the body as well as everywhere else. If those vibrations are in harmony with our body’s intrinsic programming for well-being and vitality, the the cells thrive. But if it’s negative energy we are projecting, the cells can’t remain strong enough and don’t perform as well.

Inner Peace – A Demand Among All

Doesn’t it seem like there is always something that happens which encompasses our entire attention, and thus drain our positive energy? It has been many times in our daily mundane life that situations have made us crave for inner peace or peace of mind.

How To Meditate Anywhere

Where can you meditate? Do you need to have a quiet place free from all distractions and noises or can you actually meditate anywhere, anytime, any place? Many people live in crowded cities or areas where it’s busy. Does that mean that they can’t meditate? Is it possible to meditate even when there’s cacophonous noise all around you? I say it is.

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