Should You Listen to Meditation Music When You Meditate?

There are the schools of meditation that say you should not meditate to music, that you should only meditate in silence. But what if there was music that actually deepened your meditation? That simply by listening to the music, you were able to experience far deeper states of meditation than you would without listening to the music.

The Power of Focused Attention

In the dizzying pace and intensity of our global culture, it is absolutely essential that we develop the ability to filter information and choose our point of focus. In order to survive psychologically, we must consciously manage our time, energy, and attention. In this article, we’ll explore the keys to developing focused attention and how this can help us navigate through the sea of over-stimulation. We’ll use the practice of meditation as an example of how to do develop this skill.

The Art of Meditation – Using Visualization in Your Meditation

The True art of Mediation is free of any thoughts or wishes. It is a state of tranquility. A state in which you will be able to pull out the objects from its visual form and recognize its inner significance.

The Top Five Benefits of Meditation

In this fast-paced world, we deal with so many things every day and included in this list is stress. It is a fact that we deal with stress in different ways but one very effective and inexpensive way to let it go is by meditation.

Discovering How to Do Meditation

During these times where there is a lot of noise and violence going on, it is best to find a quiet spot and do some meditation to help your own self. Here are some tips on how to do meditation.

How Meditation Helps to Cultivate Positive Thoughts

Within Yoga, the goal of the practice of meditation is to clear the mind of any pollutants and worries, which make it alert and present in the moment. This alertness includes awareness of the thoughts that are forming and whether they are positive or negative. The rest of the body is completely relaxed during meditation, so that the total focus is within the mind.

How to Use Mediation to Relax and Clear Your Mind

Through the practice of meditation and inner awareness, only a moment of quiet contemplation is needed to bring a practitioner back to a state of centered balance. A short Yoga warm before meditating can relax the body enough for a much-needed meditation session during trying times.

Meditation, Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

These are all states of consciousness or awareness, as are the states of sleep and every-day, walking-around wakefulness. These three, however, share a number of similarities that sleep and wakefulness only display in certain instances, and usually not to the same extent. These similarities are…

Tips for Using Meditation to Master the Human Mind

For centuries, people from different cultures have used meditation to master the human mind. From its esoteric roots among Eastern mystics to its contemporary status among diverse cultures, the practice is now accepted by mainstream society. Still considered a spiritual practice, it is also recognized by secular sources as both as a mode of relaxation and a means of achieving goals.

Floor Pillows (Zafu or Zabuton) Make or Break Your Meditation

A meditation seat or zafu/zabuton combo puts the body in a relaxed but alert position where energy is in an optimal flow. As each person is designed a bit different, different siting or kneeling positions work best for those individuals. Most of the time with floor pillows the practitioner is in a type of cross-legged position.

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