Cleanse Self Doubt, Fear & Negativity l Let Go Mental Blocks l Release Inner Conflict & Reset Mind

Yoga and Eating Habits

We all know the saying, ‘you are what you eat’. It translates into all languages and has been a well known fact for ages. Nevertheless, we rarely practice it.

Increasing Your Energy With Meditation

If you feel like your energy has been sapped from your body and you need something to pick you up for school or work, then you will want to read all you can about the many different benefits of meditation. There are too many people who are using caffeine in the form of soda and coffee to get them started in the morning, so they can be productive and accomplish all of the things they want to through out the day. Meditation a healthy natural alternative that is just as effective and doesn’t come with all of the health draw backs that the others do.

Discover the Amazing Effects Meditative Binaural Beats Can Have!

Binaural Beat Meditation has become a buzz in the relaxation and meditation forums of late. The question is…Why?

Colors in Relaxation Music

Relaxation music, when listened correctly could put you into an alpha state. Colors play crucial role in meditation. They reflect chakras, so called force centers or whorls of energy penetrating, from a point on the physical body. Each chakra has its own, exceptional color.

How to Choose the Best Meditation System For You

With so many meditation systems out there how do you even know where to start? Before choosing and sticking with any system probably the most important question is to ask yourself: what do I want from meditation? You see, with so many different types of meditation there are also many, many different purposes to those meditations.

Using Crystals in Meditation

Meditating with crystals is to use crystals in general meditation which can help with calming anxieties and lifting the spirit. They can assist us to gain a deeper understanding of our inner self, and to help gain spiritual peace. Focusing on the crystal whilst meditating can also make it easier to focus on the breath and stay in a meditative state.

Binaural Sleep Meditation – What it is and How it Works

Simply put, binaural sleep meditation is the term that is used to describe the technique that uses binaural beats to help you obtain a relaxing and deep restful sleep. Research has shown that binaural beats will greatly increase the chances of binaural meditation changing our brainwaves into an extremely relaxed state and allowing us to achieve a deep and restful sleep.

Best Meditation Technique – How to Find Meditation Practice Ideal For You

The benefits of meditation are virtually innumerable, its efficiency was proven by large number of scientific researches in the last decades. It is simpler to name what meditation can’t do for you than what it can. But how to make the most of it? What is the best meditation practice personally for you? How to kick start your meditation practice and reap its fruits as soon as possible? If the idea of sitting long hours in remote Himalayan cave isn’t very appealing for you, there are alternative ways which you can organically implement in your busy city life…

How to Use Binaural Beat Meditation and What it Can Do For You

So what is a binaural beat? It is the result of two sounds of different frequency hitting one ear each at the same time. The body responds to this by a change in the sub cortical auditory system causing a great change in the level of relaxation and peace experienced by the individual.

What is the Point to Meditation?

There is really nothing complicated or difficult about meditation and maybe to some extent the greatest mishap has probably had a lot to do with the meaning we have all attached to the label. Labels, although useful, often have the habit of limiting the perception of what something is and it enforces ideology and pre-conceived conceptions prior to creating personal experiences.

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