Colitis Symptoms and the Use of Meditation

Those diagnosed with colitis should be aware of and utilise available methods and practices to reduce the occurrence and strength of colitis symptoms, particularly when it can be identified that stress has been a contributory factor. One stress reducing method that should be considered is meditation as it is easy to implement and has wider health benefits.

Using Mediation to Manage Conflict in Long Term Care Facilities

Conflict in any location where human beings congregate is inevitable. We are all evolutionarily programmed to defend ourselves when threatened, and to protect ourselves if we believe we are being wronged, even if the perceived attack is emotional rather than physical. Seniors are no exception.

YOGA – a Gift For Fitness

Yoga is termed as the most precious gift to the Indian by the ancestors, who discovered the true art to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. It is a science that has been practised for thousands of years and has spread across the world. Yoga is a centuries-old system of techniques designed to develop the individual’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

Fully Enjoy the Benefits of Meditation

When most people think of meditation, they simply think of monks who live in caves and monasteries, spending their days cross-legged on the floor. Even today, many people do not realize the benefits of meditation, so they never bother to try it out for themselves.

Why Music While Meditating Helps

There are many reasons why music while meditating helps people relax and meditate completely. First of all, while you do not have to have meditation music, it can help if you have something soothing going on.

Walk in Your Garden – Find Your Peace

Walking in the garden sounds like something meant only for those who happen to raise vegetables for a living! Not so, a walk through any garden that is organized, filled with fragrances that permeate our being will calm the ravaged soul. When God made the original garden, He put a plan into action that is still intact today.

Aikido Techniques and Women – The Benefits of Meditation

Aikido techniques can actually train a person to have a calm, relaxed mind which is in full control of the body. This is accomplished through meditation which is an Aikido training technique taught in several schools. If the mind is relaxed then the mind and body are unified. A calm mind sees things clearly and responds without negative emotional response. In this way, the Aikido techniques and help us deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Yoga Really is a Form of Meditation

Although many people are not aware of it, the connection between yoga and meditation is quite strong. Meditation is a perfect compliment to yoga whether you are looking to increase your spiritual awareness, get in better shape or looking for a way to reduce stress. It is possible, while practicing yoga, to achieve a deep state of meditation.

Meditation and Relaxation

The words meditation and relaxation go hand in hand. But did you know that from a point of relaxation you can emerge more prepared to deal with a hectic world? When we take some time for ourselves on a daily basis to “stop and smell the roses” as it were, we create a place within our selves from which we can draw immense power to engage with the world around us.

How to Choose Between Meditation Cushions

For many years, people who practice meditation have been using meditation cushions to make their experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Meditation cushions make a huge impact and difference to a meditation session and experience. They make it more effective.

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