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Improve Your Life With Meditation

You can feel better, look better and be happier while resting your body. Did you realize one of the most important aspects of exercise is rest? Well, it is also an important part of improving your overall well-being. You can create a new way of relaxing and even rejuvenating your body by meditating.

The Practical Side of Meditation

For many people, meditation brings up images of someone sitting in a strange physical position and chanting incomprehensible words. While this image represents one aspect of meditation, meditation is not just about body postures or mantras. Meditation is for enhancing your entire life, including your work, relationships, communication and all aspects of your creativity.

Meditation Techniques – An Easy Way to Release Stress

How do you get ready for meditation? What are the steps necessary to get into the proper mind set and how do you release stress from your busy day? You want the body to be so relaxed and comfortable that you can forget all about it. The mind should be alert, focused, and present in the moment.

Meditation Secrets Or Secret Meditation

Unfortunately most people think of only a single type of mantra meditation when we talk about meditation. In truth meditation is simply concentrating on a single object and that’s the first of the many secrets of meditation.

The Famous Mug Meditation

Do you wish you could take a meditation holiday and rest from all your worries and toils? Here is a simple mediation to help you on the road to happiness.

Mindful Meditation – 12 Killer Considerations When Choosing a Meditation Cushion Or Meditation Chair

Are you practicing Mindful Meditation? Looking for a Meditation Cushion or Meditation Chair? Don’t know where to start? This article introduces 12 Killer things you need to consider when looking for a better meditation. Learn about the Cushion, Zafu, the Zabuton, the Toadstool Meditation stool, the Mountain seat and the Collapse-able Meditation stool. This article covers size, choice of filling, quality, sourcing, colours, naming, standard of finish, pricing and more. It finishes with the authors top tips not found anywhere else on the internet.

Five Minutes to Relaxation

Relaxation has so many wonderful benefits, from, stress reduction, feeling of well being, improved healing, dealing with chronic pain, lowered blood pressure, visualisation, feeling whole and connected, taking time out from a crazy world! But how do you do it? So many people have asked. I have taught relaxation and visualisation strategies to many patients and clients.

The Dance of Darkness & Light

Is selfishness the only driving force behind meditation? Are there deeper reasons one chooses to meditate?

Discover More About Transcindental Meditation and It’s Usefulness

The procedure is practised morning and evening for up to 20 minutes every moment whilst sitting comfortably by means of the eyes closed. The method is described as being effortless and spontaneous. This type of meditation is so easy that even kids as little as ten can be trained and follow without any complexity.

What Are the True Origins of Meditation?

It is often suggested that meditation originated in the East around 5000 years ago, however the true origins of meditation may never be known for sure. In this article, let us cast aside the history books and delve a little deeper into the age old question: where did meditation originate?

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