Meditation – How to Learn the Techniques

Meditation can work as the best tonic for an exhausted human being. It not only replenishes the mental damages but also works miraculously on the anxiety disorders and other health problems. In fact regular meditation can prevent diseases like heart problems, diabetes and psychological troubles.

Meditation Obstacles – Mind Chatter

One of the biggest obstacles to peaceful meditation is what is sometimes called the “monkey mind” or mind chatter. Mind chatter is perhaps the most distracting and disturbing interference to a meditation. This short article gives several techniques for dealing with mental chatter.

Create Your Own Brain Waves

Looking for a short and simplified version of how brain waves function in regards to meditation and stress? Can you actually participate in your own creation of your brain waves? Why close your eyes to meditate?

Meditate to Exercise Your Mind

You exercise for your body; you eat right for your body; but what are you doing to keep your mind healthy? The answer that you seek is meditation to ease the troubles of your mind and soul.

Many Tools to Help You Meditate

The fundamental aim of meditation is, by focusing or concentrating the mind, to let go of distractions and to exist fully in the present moment. It is particularly attractive as antidote to modern materialism and spiritual emptiness. It is true that basic meditation requires no special meditation tools, but like in all other activities there tools that can help you greatly increase your performance.

Making the Most of Meditation

If you want to become closer to the real you and function from that place in your daily life, then take up the practice of meditation. It doesn’t look like much, however it is a very powerful technique. Our minds are filled with thoughts all the time.

Spiritual Enlightenment – Understanding Consciousness

You have probably already heard all of the Spiritual Enlightenment sayings like “Consciousness is all there is,” And “Advaita means – not two.” And although all of these things are true, the words themselves filed away as knowledge, don’t get you any closer to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Executive Coaching For Mindfulness Meditation – Meditation For Leaders and Lawyers

Are you working in a company or law firm where leaders meditate? Do leaders in your company or law firm have a calm presence under pressure? One of the most powerful questions one can ask is “Does our company culture support leaders meditating to better handle pressure?” Emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent leaders often meditate to manage stress.

How Brainwave Meditation Can Help You

If you have understood the concept of the binaural brainwave completely then it will be easier for you to know how you can perform brainwave meditation. The concept of the binaural brainwave helps to understand the activity of your brain and how it follows the frequency of the predominant beat and respond only to it out of the all the frequencies available at a time.

Physiological Benefits of Meditation

We know that undue physical and psychological stress can have short and long term negative consequences on our health and our longevity. Our contemporary culture is looking for more and more for ways to “decompress”. With the ever-increasing recognition of life-style induced psychological stress and its negative side effects on health and longevity, the medical disciplines have taken a closer look at the long-professed benefits of meditation.

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