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Four Ways to Use the Breath in Mindfulness Meditation

Discover four different ways to use the breath to increase mindfulness, strengthen your meditation practice, and enhance your “mindfulness muscle.” Easy to follow instructions on using the temperature, length, depth, and sound of the breath.

Meditation For Total Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Health

You don’t need chemicals to over come anxiety and stress. Meditation is a fulfilling and inexpensive way to achieve total relaxation for the mind and spirit. Learn to be a calming influence and bring peace to every situation that cannot be denied.

Your Meditation Position – Is it Really That Important?

Too many people get caught up in what position they should meditate in. Your meditation position isn’t really that critical to your success.

No Effort – Mahamudra Meditation and Buddhist Sound Healing

A commentary on the Buddhist teaching “Ganga-Mahamudra-Upadesa” of Sri Tilopa. This article explores the relevance of sound in promoting relaxation and mental well being as a form of meditation. This particular form of Buddhist sound healing is Mahamudra Music.

Meditations For Manifesting – Relaxation Techniques

Meditation for manifesting seems to actually be a program written by a man considered an expect in the Law of Attraction techniques. However, one need not follow that program to manifest their success. You can instead simply use the tools given to suit your own experiences. As with anything else, meditating for the purpose of manifesting success works to allow you to focus the entirety of your energy, your experiences, and your learning.

Deep Meditation – My Personal Checklist

Discover the vibrant stillness of deep meditation. These tools will help you along the way…

Using Binaural Beats For Meditation

If you’re looking for ways in which to improve the ability of your brain to process and strengthen itself, there are a number of different techniques which exist to do just that. One method for doing so is using binaural beats for meditation.

How to Meditate – 3 Simple Strategies

Meditation can bring a variety of benefits to your life. You can use it to gain more energy, focus your mind, relax your body, attain peace, rejuvenate your spirit, and many other things.

Achieving The State Of Mindfulness

The aim of meditation is rejuvenation and recuperation. And the highest point before reaping these benefits is the state of mindfulness. The following are but some of the characteristics of the state itself and its effects.

Meditation How To’s

Meditation techniques are varied as there are as many gurus pushing it. In general, there are basics that need to be observed to be able to realize the benefits of meditation to the wellness of a person.

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