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Timelessness and Meditation

After spending the summer living and working at the Shambhala Mountain Center I didn’t get a chance to return for three months after I left. Quite longer than I would have liked. As the home of the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya monument, the Center carries a special significance unlike most other Buddhist sacred spots in the western hemisphere.

Mindfulness of Breath

I used to get frustrated at not being able to focus for long on my breath. It really is one of the hardest things the conscious mind can do. It is so easy to focus on the “failure” of the mind every time it wanders. The mind is just doing what it normally does-work. Through acceptance of that fact, every “failure” can instead be seen as an opportunity to expand the consciousness of our thought process and show gratitude for the fact that we are even aware of our thoughts.

Meditation Techniques – Alternative Methods

Why would a person endeavor to use meditation techniques? Meditation techniques help us on our journey of self-discovery, involving intense concentration to relieve the mind of emotional and physical reactions that, in our everyday life, are out of our control. There are various meditation techniques to help us restore order in our lives.

Online Meditation Music For One and All

If you are into meditation, a background music is always welcome. You meditate better and deeper. Spending big money on CDs is out, just check out the online meditation music available.

Relaxation Exercises to Do at Home

Put some fun music on and let them dance and move as fast as possible and let them lie down still as soon as the music stops. Extend the periods of lying down, so children get used to lying still for a longer time. Play some classical music and let children lie down and relax.

Managing Financial Stress With Meditation

The current economic situation in the US is effects not only people’s financial outlook but also heightens their levels of stress and anxiety. Learn a simple meditation practice to relax your body and mind and freshen your perspective.

The Miracle of Breath

Getting in touch with your own true nature through your breath. Your breath is the only automatic function of your body that you can override. Think about it, you cant run your own digestive process. Actually your breath is an inner doorway to your subconscious mind.

Ultimate Mind Power – The Key to Success

Your ultimate mind power lies in your subconscious. This is where all of your true feelings about yourself are hidden. Many of these feelings originated during your childhood experiences. This is when you formed many of your fears and doubts that you have today. These negative feelings can hold you back from success and you may not even be aware of it.

Something That You Need to Know About Meditation Gongs

What is the main purpose of meditation? Why people use meditation gongs during their mental awareness practice? Find out answers, read this article!

Singing Bowls in Asian Buddhist Traditions

What do you know about singing bowls? Do you know that one can dramatically improve his or her meditation experience with the simple sound of such a bell? How does it work? Well, read this article to find out more about singing bowls in Asian Buddhist traditions.

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