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Successful Meditation in Yoga Takes Patience and Practice

In today’s online world, where everyone seems to be tweeting or updating their status every second of the day, the idea of simply sitting and clearing your mind of all the useless clutter in a quest for peace and clarity may seem strange. And, for some, impossible. But that is the goal of meditation in yoga, to achieve a state of peace and serenity through quiet introspection.

Racing Thoughts Getting the Best of You When Meditating? Here’s the Answer

Whether you’re a first-time or expert meditator, odds are that when you start to meditate, you will be subject to what appears to be an actual, incessant, and absolutely uncontrollable flow of thought. In the Zen meditation tradition, this is called “watching the waterfall” – that perpetual torrent jetting out of your mind.

Meditation Tips – 5 Factors of Focus

It is important for all students of meditation to get on the path of ever deepening focus! This allows you to constantly work on long term growth, no matter what activity you use to practice focus.

Meditation Tips – 5 Ways to Develop Your Field of Focus

Broadening the field of growing focus is a powerful practice to supplement your practice of meditation. Virtually any activity in life can be used to develop focus, and the combined momentum of numerous smaller practices of concentration and focusing in addition to the primary practice of meditation is powerful, indeed.

Flowing Meditation – 3 Powerful Tips For Developing Fluid Focus

A focused person displays more skill, gets more done, and enjoys the process more as they do it. Focus can transform any activity! The problem is the way we tend to focus. We often develop a lot of tension and pressure around the concept and activity of focusing. This tension and pressure actually restricts us from achieving deeper levels of focus.

What is Walking Meditation and Can it Be Used in Daily Life?

Walking meditation is essentially a form of meditation “in action”, meaning you are not sitting or lying still while doing it. This involves being aware of how you are walking and also examining every detail, interior and exterior. One of the main things which separate walking meditation from sitting down is that you will have your eyes open while doing this.

Meditation Exercises Increase Confidence and Decrease Stress

Meditation is used to improve your health, help increase energy levels and increase enjoyment of life by helping you to be in touch with your wise and spontaneously guided higher self. If people took the time to practice the simple exercises which are used to calm the mind, reduce stress and increase energy levels then everybody would benefit from the meditation, including those in your environment who you interact with. In this article we will talk about the true purpose of meditation and why we need to meditate, to help you understand the real…

Meditation to Center Yourself Quickly

It has become a popular new age and self help saying: “you need to center yourself,” or “you need to get centered.” But what exactly does this mean? What is your center?

Muscle Meditation – Progressive Relaxation

Peace is a miraculous thing to experience… even a fleeting glimpse of peace is incredible! Developing more and more peace in your life is a worthy goal, but more people are interested in Power… the kind of effects you begin to create when you are truly aligned with higher principles.

Meditation For Beginners – Persevere Through Challenges

Meditation can be a lot of fun. When done properly, exploring yourself is endlessly fascinating. But it can also be tough. You will discover things about yourself that might not care to admit. When you hit the rough spots… how do you keep going?

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