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Step by Step Guide to Meditation

Meditation is essentially a method of finding yourself. You need to get rid of your conscious thoughts and thereby alter the thoughts and direction of your consciousness. Although there is no set way on how to meditate, there are conventions that you can follow in terms of posture and the location that can be helpful in meditating. Depending upon the type of meditation you are performing there might be variations in the way you sit and the music you put on but the basic point of the exercise remains the same, taking control of your ‘self’.

8 Major Misunderstandings About Meditation

Meditation is growing increasingly in popularity for reason raging from stress relief to the pursuit of enlightenment. Non the less there are still many misunderstandings about what meditation is and how it is done. Here the eight most common misunderstandings are clarified.

Chakra Healing Meditation – Meditation Made Easy With Binaural Beats?

Chakra Healing Meditation has been practised throughout the ages by yogis and meditation masters who recognised the peace, serenity and considerable health benefits of tuning and balancing the 7 energy centres within the body. If you can get into the practise of meditation for at least 30 minutes per day you will soon begin to reap the benefits.

Mindfulness Meditation – Why it Works

There are numerous studies on how meditation helps to lessen stress and improve overall well-being. Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of the Stress Reduction Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, was a pioneer in recognizing that mindfulness meditation could be helpful for adult patients suffering from chronic pain. He developed a secular version of the Buddhist practice, which he called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

Meditate Your Way Through to Relief

Meditation is when you enter into a deep quiet space within, going beyond your individual concerns, fears and needs. Meditation is a very good way of dealing with stress it gives you a sense of relief, but for it to be effective one has to be focused.

Meditation Guide – 7 Steps to Establishing a Great Meditation Practice

Meditation is like a vast unexplored continent, the further you travel the more splendor and beauty you will see. To begin the great adventure, one must prepare for the journey and bring appropriate equipment, clothing and fuel. A well equipped expedition will ensure minimal setbacks and determine the success of the journey. Here is an inventory list of some “equipment” you will need on your meditation journey in order to establishing and maintaining a successful meditation practice.

Samarpan Meditation – Therapy For Sublime Living

Samarpan, a sanskrit word, means surrender. A surrender of your past and of negative thoughts is a prerequisite for meaningful meditation. Samarpan meditation is a technique which develops human life in totality. The Sadhak is able to have Anubhutis (subtle experiences) through the practice of samarpan meditation.

Importance of Meditation CDs

For thousands of years meditation has been used as a way of promoting general health and well being. Some meditative techniques have evolved from their original states into variants that combine techniques from diverse cultures around the world. These techniques prove beneficial in both the psychological and spiritual sense, they have also been found beneficial Meditation has come to use certain tools over the years which heighten and enhance the whole meditative process.

Samarpan Meditation – For Anyone & Everyone

Samarpan Meditation is a technique evolved by sages doing Sadhna (meditation) in the Himalayas for the last 800 years. It has been brought to human society by His Holiness Sadguru Shree Shivkrupa Nand Swami, the Master. Hundreds of thousands of souls around the world are radically improving their lives through this simplest form of meditation. This meditation is open to anyone & everyone on the globe.

Meditation – Can it Be Accelerated?

Some purists will argue but yes, accelerated meditation is a fact established in the 1970s and now known as brain wave entrainment. Many writers, top entrepreneurs and executives rely on these techniques to boost creativity and to improve their work performance and productivity.

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