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The ABCs of Chakra Breathing Meditation

Read the top tips of chakra breathing meditation… While you sit and breathe, you must focus on each chakra individually. This means you should focus your attention and mind on the specific area of your body wherein the chakra is located. Do this for a few minutes while you breathe in and out normally.

Practice & Patience is Key With Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice of quieting the conscious mind, self-discovery and relaxation. This is the time for you to work within yourself, deepen your concentration and communication with your higher self, guides and the Universe!

Want a Healthier Mind and Body? Look Into a Binaural Beats Download

Binaural beats have been known to exist since 1839 when they were discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a German scientist. His experiments showed that by presenting tones of different frequencies into each ear, the brain would interpret this differential as a third frequency. If the frequencies were designed to function in the lower meditative ranges, then meditation became much easier to achieve. Now technology has made binaural beats downloads obtainable as mp3’s or CD’s to make meditation effective for almost anyone.

Brain Entrainment With Binaural Beats

There is ongoing research into using binaural beats to entrain the brain to sync the two hemispheres to specific frequencies. This can result in an almost infinite number of frequencies to experiment with. Why not find out more about it now, nothing to lose, much to gain.

Breath of Life

The author explores the value of heightened breath awareness in a culture which is largely oblivious to its benefits. She describes some of the positive physical and emotional consequences of deep, abdominal breathing, and presents a basic and familiar model of concentration meditation for the beginning practitioner.

Why Should You Use Meditation CDs?

As editor of My Meditation Garden, I get asked this question a lot. People email me to ask me if they should use meditation CDs and how it would affect their meditation experience.

Mindful Meditation

There are lots of different types of meditation practice. Guided meditation is just one of many but has its roots in mindfulness meditation. But what is mindfulness meditation? It is a technique, a mental discipline by which with practice you learn to go beyond the reflexive thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. Something that can be achieved quite easily through time and habit.

Meditate Like an Onion

It feels a little like peeling layers from a giant onion, only it’s not an onion it’s you. The ‘giant onion’ is the process of meditation. One by one a layer is peeled away revealing yet another new fresh layer ready and waiting to be peeled away. The process is all revealing, layer by layer. The first layer is the hardest, getting through the tough onion skin can be quite tricky at times. Not knowing where to start, no obvious beginning or end. It all looks and feels the same. So start anywhere. Just dive in and do it.

The Power of Meditation – What it Can Do to Our Lives

Meditation has now become a popular practice especially with people with demanding jobs and many others who are constantly harassed by the noise, the stress and the demands of a fast-changing society. Truly, the power of meditation is not only limited to spiritual growth but also in the vast aspects of life – our health, our happiness, achieving our goals, overcoming illnesses, and so many others.

Yoga Music For Meditation Series – 12 Steps to Attain a Good Meditation Practice

The first step is to understand what meditation is! Meditation is the flow of continuous thought on one thing. Meditation is the keeping up of one idea alone like the continuous flow of oil.

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