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How to Meditate at Home – 8 Tips to Make Home Your Own Oasis

When you meditate at home it can be very distracting, the kids, your family, the TV, so many distractions. Learn how to meditate at home by following these tips, you will figure out how to find that perfect place for you to practice.

Meditation For Health – One of the Greatest Benefits of Meditation

Meditation for health is one of the greatest benefits of meditation, improvements in mental and physical health are easy to achieve giving more reasons to practice a meditation technique. Discover how meditation improves health.

How to Meditate Properly – Discover 7 Tips You Never Heard Before

There are a lot of doubts about how to meditate properly, specially when you learn from a book or you start practicing on your own without guidance. Common question like: Am I doing it right? Is this the right posture? How long should I meditate? Discover 7 tips on how to meditate properly.

Vipassana Means Insight – Vipassana Meditation

It is part of the Theravada meditation tradition in Buddhism. Vipassana meditation is taught to those who wish to gain a better understanding of their inner selves. Vipassana meditation is attributed to Buddha himself and is centered on transformation and observation of ones self through introspection.

Address the Anger Issues in Your Children – Meditation For Children

It is interesting to note that when researching third eye meditation or Trataka there is a great deal of mention about how when we are babies that we experience the world at an atomic or molecular level and that it is when our parents begin to create an illusion of the world by naming things that we lose the ability to see things through our third eye. It is said that you can not explain the color orange to a blind person. If they can not see the fruit they will not be able to grasp the concept of the color. Another example of this is the three blind people who touch a pig. One feels its tail and wonder what the corkscrew like thing could be. The other feels the pig’s hide and says it must be an elephant because it is so tough and bristly. The third feels its wet snout and thinks it must be a large dog. Three different perceptions from one animal.

Trataka – Third Eye Meditation

Trataka or third eye meditation is the method by which one can see beyond the normal plane. Buddhism teaches us that we have a third vehicle for sight into the Higher Planes that is located on our forehead between our physical eyes. The method of meditation necessary to achieve this is also known as Purusa Dhyan or attentional meditation. If we focus our attention on something we become more aware of that thing.

Need a Place of Solitude? Find a Meditation Garden Near You

Of the types of meditation available to the seeker most involve being in an area where you can concentrate on the task at hand. Meditation gardens are places of solitude and reflection. We will talk about full blown meditation gardens, public meditation gardens and private meditation gardens.

Trouble Focusing During Meditation? Try a Chakra Meditation CD

Traditional chakra meditation has always allowed for the use of song and instrumental music for focusing ones mind on the proper visualizations. In the past you would need to have an experienced Tibetan healer or yogi work directly with you and provide the music to help focus. With the recording of chakra meditation CDs you can now take this excellent tool with you wherever you go. The gem stones associated with each chakra are also excellent for focusing the mind’s energy on the task at hand. When combined they can be very powerful and can help you reach the enlightened state of consciousness you are seeking much more quickly than through meditation alone.

Fast Results With Chakra Balancing Meditation

Chakra Balancing Meditation is designed to focus on your seven energy centers to focus and balance them to remove any blockages that are causing issues with your health. I will detail the actual meditation steps in the Reiki way to open and clear your energy centers. This will balance your higher frequency energy and help to release any negative energy from your body.

Stress, Anxiety and Worries Melt Away With Meditation

Meditation is defined as concentrating on a single thing to get past the myriad things that are cluttering your mind during the day. Almost every culture has some sort of types of meditation used by wise men, shamans, priest, etc. Depending on what the types of meditation are the methods and end results widely vary. If the meditative practitioner is seeking a spiritual revelation the method needed to reach the proper state is completely different than the method needed to merely clear the mind for better thinking.

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