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How to Open Chakras With a Chakra Guided Meditation

The seven Chakras are the source of all of the energy within us. Here, I discuss how to open Chakras, with the help of another or via Chakra guided meditation.

Binaural Meditation

Does Binaural Meditation really work? Discover the truth here!

Deep Relaxation and Meditation

There is much similarity between deep relaxation and meditation. Several studies have shown that various kinds of meditation, yoga and relaxation induced similar healthy benefits. The founder of the mind body medical institute at Harvard medical school, has studies meditation and relaxation for thirty years and has identified a mental state, which he calls the relaxation response, which can reverse the damaging physical effects of stress.

How Do You Do Meditation?

Ideally, you should meditate for 20 minutes twice a day, first thing in the morning and in the evening. You can teach yourself from books and videos, but it is easier to learn from a practitioner. You may find it difficult to bring the mind to stillness and the discipline of being in a group can be enormously beneficial. Many people find that it helps to focus on an object, such as a candle, or to repeat a mantra over and over again, as an aid to preventing their mind from wandering.

What You Should Know About Meditation

Practiced regularly, meditation aims to bring about total relaxation and inner calm. Sitting quietly and breathing gently sounds simple, but in fact meditation requires an inner discipline you may initially find hard to achieve, but it is worth persevering. The philosophy behind meditation is that, if you can sit still trying to exclude intrusive thoughts for about 20 minutes at a time, your mind is left free and automatically moves toward a greater feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

Learning to Meditate – Where to Start

Mankind has known about the benefits of meditation for many thousands of years and only recently has meditation become accepted in the western countries as a viable method to heal both the body and the mind. No longer is meditation considered to be an eastern discipline reserved for Buddhist monks or the like, which requires you to get into an awkward position for hours whilst chanting a mantra which has no meaning or connection to you or your life.

Understanding Meditation For Better Health

So you want to meditate? Well! That is a good thing, but where did you get the idea from?

Powerful Spiritual Meditation – Why Should Christians Meditate?

We have a deep spiritual need to mediate. Find out why Christian believers should be practicing the powerful “lost art” of Christian meditation!

A Different Way of Meditating

Some people find it hard to meditate, yet scientific proof has shown that meditation supports our overall health and well being, could it be that this is yet another gift our animals have come to give us? Horses have been known in different cultures as sacred beings that can easily go between the worlds, this article takes you on that journey.

Christian Living – What is Christian Meditation and Why is it Vital For You to Know?

As a Christian believer, do you wonder what meditation has to do with your life? Discover what Christian meditation is and find out why it is vital that you know!

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