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How to Attain Savikalpa Samadhi in Meditation

In order to attain samadhi in meditation, you first have to understand what keeps you from attaining Savikalpa samadhi. At the level of unconsciousness, which is to say, the level of being identified with your thinking, you are a victim of your thoughts. Your thoughts and emotions control you and ultimately create your world.

Meditation – According to Eckhart Tolle

Discover the deepest mysteries through soothing meditation. Eckhart Tolle is an experienced meditator and modern mystic…

How to Meditate With Essential Oils

Each Natural organic Essential Oils from Plants Kingdom have their own unique essences and elements in it. Meditation with the essential oils will help you raise the life force in the plants essences into your being-ness and consciousness.

5 Basic Guidelines in Using Meditation Music Downloads

Meditation music downloads definitely help create a more relaxed and conducive atmosphere for meditating. You may even claim that meditating is actually quite easy. But more often than not, you might feel that the hardest part of the entire process is starting out and getting “in the zone.

Under the Bridge – Sayings and Meditation

I’m sure you have all heard the saying “water under the bridge” or “let it roll off your feathers.” These are the trite but true sayings that speak about emotional disconnect.

A Few Good Things About Energy Meditations

The world is full of stress. There are bills that don’t seem to ever be paid, a stressful job, and if you get sick? Forget it. Individuals the world over are over worked, and exhausted. They long for a way to relax that does not require medication that will knock them out.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation – What is It?

Have you ever thought about doing meditation, but were unsure what to do or how to go about it? Why not try guided mindfulness meditation?

Christian Meditations – What Does Prayer Have to Do With Christian Meditation?

What is the difference between prayer and meditation? How do they relate to each other? Find out what prayer has to do with Christian meditation and why it is so important in the life of every believer!

Meditation – Simple, Effective, Life-Enhancing

Meditation is essential in creating a life of personal power and joy, yet many people don’t do it because of the discipline of daily practice. But meditation does not have to be difficult and time consuming to be effective. Here is a powerful way to meditate that takes as little as fifteen minutes each day.

Manage Your Stress With Meditation

Whether it comes from friends and family, or work, you will probably mentally notice stress before you feel it physically. Your ability to control your stress, then, must also have a large mental component. Your ability to relax your mind is often the precursor to any other stress management techniques, and is necessary for objective, rational problem-solving.

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