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Christian Meditation – My Life is So Busy! How Much Time Should I Spend Meditating?

Do you understand the importance of Christian meditation, yet feel overwhelmed with the thought of adding one more thing to your already demanding schedule? Find out how to fit meditation into your busy schedule and begin to break free of the rat race!

Why the Lotus Position Rules

The purpose of this article is to reveal a couple of useful meditation positions. People have their own preference when it comes to meditation positions, but I explain why certain positions did or didn’t work for me.

Learn the Art of Spiritual Awareness in Meditation

There is nothing more enjoyable, more enriching then the practice of spiritual awareness in meditation. In this short article, I will teach you all you need to know about spiritual awareness.

Why Meditate? Here’s What You’re Missing Out on If You Don’t!

Whenever someone asks me, “What are the main reasons to meditate?” or “Why should I bother with meditation?” I love to surprise them with the simple reply, “Because it makes you feel fantastic!”

Mindfulness Meditation, Working Memory Capacity & Emotional Intelligence – Start Meditating!

This month’s edition of the psychological journal Emotion features a number of entirely new studies on the effects of mindfulness meditation on both working memory capacity (how much information we can manage in our minds at once) and our ability to manage our emotions – to be ’emotionally intelligent.’ The basic idea is that working memory is used not just to manage our cognitive resources to help with fluid intelligence but also to regulate our emotions better.

Easy Instructions For Chakra Breathing Meditation

Stand with feet parallel to your hips. Let your body be loose and relaxed. Close your eyes and leave your mouth open.

Three Tips to Help You Meditate More Easily

I started meditation about a year ago and know how hard it can be when you first start out. These tips will help you to meditate more effectively. I still use these simple techniques in my own practise.

Rid Computer Fatigue With Wellness Meditation

Continuous work on the computer can lead to mental fatigue and drop in work efficiency. It is not always possible to move to another place for meditation and relaxation.

Meditate – Don’t Medicate

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Do your emotions just happen all by themselves, or do your thoughts create the happy, sad and everything in-between emotional response?

How Meditation Cultivates Compassion

From ancient spiritual traditions to modern self help courses, the value of meditation has been permeating society for millennia. Some of the benefits of meditation are well known and have been backed up by robust research, such as its ability to lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels, but recent studies have also homed in on an additional and, hitherto less proven benefit; compassion.

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